Special Agent Booker (Undercover FBI Book 5)

By: Mimi Barbour

Undercover FBI Book #5


Suspense lights up in every page of this fast-paced blockbuster of thrills!

When Sloan Booker’s father dies tragically, he has no other option but to give up his job as an FBI agent and take over his family’s vehicle restoration business in Oahu, Hawaii. Giving up his badge is difficult but having Homeland Security and his old boss request the use of his house in a stakeout, spying on his Muslim neighbors who they suspect are terrorists, is just too damn much for a man already frazzled. It makes no difference that they’ve offered him a partner to be in charge of the surveillance… until he meets the gorgeous divorcee.

Special Agent Alia Hawkins might look more like a model than a cop but looks can be deceiving. Not only does she rescue street kids, fights their battles and transports them to safe homes, but since she lived many years in Pakistan and speaks their language, she’s a sought after agent. So far, she’s kept her personal life and job separate. But when Alia’s slimy ex-husband threatens to steal her eight-year-old son, she has no choice but to bring him along on her latest undercover assignment – living with a hotshot, sexy as hell agent as his long lost stepsister. Her life suddenly takes some drastic swerves and she wonders if things will ever slow down.


This compelling suspense is dedicated to my favorite son, David, who helped me plot the story right from the beginning. I truly feel that it’s because of his creative input that this book is probably the best in Undercover FBI series. It was a blast working with him, peering into the mind of a man the same age as Booker and finding the identical large heart and amazing intelligence.

(p.s. I should mention – I only have one son :-))))

Praise for other Undercover FBI books

“I always enjoy Mimi Barbour book’s her writing is always so good. Her books are always a hit and this one was another Hit. There is a lot of humor and suspense, keep you on your toes till the end…. WOW this book is so GOOD. Special Agent Maximilian is a must read…. I really wish I could give it more then five stars…. Get it today.” ~Reviewed by Chrissybear77

“I have read every book by Mimi and each one is better than the last. I thought the Vegas series was my favorite but I think this one may just become my new Fav! Love this series and highly recommend any and all books by Mimi!” ~Reviewed by Shirleen

“Mimi Barbour writes with great strength and realism when it comes to this series of romantic suspense novels. And each one keeps getting better than the last.” ~ Reviewed by ajk (avid reader)

Chapter One

Alia scoured the dark parking lot behind the Ilikia Hotel looking for the boy. Palm trees and plumeria decorated the area, but there was no sign of a kid in trouble.

Ruby had sworn he’d be here, and woken from a dead sleep at three a.m. to jump in her jeans and then drive like a maniac to get to him in time, Alia hadn’t stopped to ask a lot of questions.

Now she called Ruby using her hands-free in the car. “He’s not here. Did he call you back?”

“His name is Justin, and no, I haven’t heard from him. He said he’d gotten away from his player; that the guy had roughed him up. He hid out at the Ilikia and another dude came on to him. Scared stupid, he called me, told me he was behind the dumpster.”

“Okay, I’ll check it out.”

Alia pulled the car over, got out and headed in that direction. As she approached, she saw a man bending over something wedged in between two dumpsters. “Listen, kid, I don’t want to hurt you. Come out and I’ll buy you something to eat. We’ll talk. You can stay in my room so you’ll have a place to sleep.”

“Leave me alone. I’m not going anywhere with you.” The boy’s voice cracked, his tone going from soprano to bass in one sentence

“Hey, is that the way to act with someone who just wants to help? I’m being nice, but I can—”

“Be a lying prick who wants to get you alone and do nasty things to you. He knows, don’t you, Justin?” Alia stood waiting, hoping her insults would piss off the scumbag enough he’d come at her. Then she could kick the shit out of the perverted prick.