Skating the Line:San Francisco Strikers, book 2(7)

By: Stephanie Kay

“Chinese food should be here any minute. And don’t worry, I got you an extra egg roll,” Penny said with a shudder, and Amanda laughed.

“You should try vegetables. They’re actually pretty tasty wrapped up and fried,” Amanda said, with a smirk.

“You always say that, but I’ll pass. How’s the article going?”

“Not bad. Due tomorrow. The focus is mainly on hockey since that’s the only team still playing right now.”

“Well, then it’s the perfect time to do the article because baseball is so boring to watch. Although I do remember going to a game as a kid and they had great snacks.” Penny paused. “Come to think of it, they all have great snacks. I should’ve become a sports fan ages ago. You know, just for the carbs.”

Amanda chuckled. “Maybe that’s what I should title my article. Come for the thrill of the game and the joy of the carbs.”

Penny snorted as she steered them toward the couch, glasses of wine in hand.

“Bet that tagline would get a lot of traffic.”

“That is what Betsy wants,” Amanda muttered.

“So, how’s that going?”

“Annoying. I’m hoping with this series of articles, she’ll let me write more. Then I just need one of the travel writers to quit. Or I need to win the lottery and get out of the country for a while. I miss being out there. Trying new things. Even exotic vegetables.” She shot Penny a grin.

“Very funny. I eat lettuce.”

Amanda’s shoulders shook. “Guess that’s a start.”

“Something will work out. But in the meantime, it’s great having you home. I missed my bestie when you were gallivanting around the globe,” Penny said.

“I missed you, too, but Peru would’ve been lovely this time of year,” she said.

“You’ve been to so many amazing places. I need to travel more. When the season is over, Ethan is taking me away for a month. A freaking month. Can you believe it? I’m a little nervous to be away from my business for that long, but he says it’s one of the perks of opening my own business, and tax season will be over by then. He gave me a list of reasons why we should go.”

“Of course he did, and that is why you are perfect for each other,” Amanda said. Penny’s love of lists was well-known and that Ethan encouraged it was adorable.

“We are, right? And I’m moving into his place next month. Is that too fast? I feel like it’s too fast, that I need to sit down and—”

“Make a list?” Amanda cut in. “Stop over-thinking. You both love each other and he gets you.”

“He does, right?” Penny’s voice took on a dreamy quality, and Amanda laughed softly. “He’s the best.”


“Get your head in the game, Harty. How could you let that second-rate rookie steal the puck?” Penny shouted an hour later when a Calgary forward skated up the ice toward the Strikers’ goalie, the stolen puck on his stick.

Amanda was getting better at following the game. She refused to admit to Penny that she’d watched all of the Strikers’ games since Penny had dragged her to her first game a few months ago. It would just lead to questions, and God love her, Penny asked a lot of questions.

And it’s not like Amanda was completely focused on Ben whenever he was on camera. Well, not totally. Maybe mostly completely. She bit back a snort. That wasn’t even a phrase. And she also didn’t think about when she was going to see him again.

Nope. Not at all.

She and Penny polished off their dinner and were at the edge of their sofa seats as the Strikers tried to beat back Calgary, who were currently up three to one at the beginning of the second period.

Ben was on the ice right alongside Ethan. His legs pumping as he chased down the puck. Too bad she couldn’t see his ass in those padded shorts, but it was amazing in his tailored suit pants. She’d resisted the urge to cup it when he’d kissed her. Not that she’d had much time to do anything when he’d planted that kiss on her. Hell, she wanted to do that again.

“Let’s go, Cheese. You can do it,” she shouted before she could stop herself, and she caught Penny staring at her out of the corner of her eye. “And Harty, too. Come on boys,” she trailed off, attempting to ignore Penny’s grin. “What? Just rooting for the hometown team.”

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