Skating the Line:San Francisco Strikers, book 2(6)

By: Stephanie Kay

Amanda was waiting out the current storm and trying not to do a happy dance at the thought of two days of freedom next week while Betsy was out of town, a long weekend vacation. It was a vacation for both of them.

“I updated the blog this morning. That latest article about how to get perfect selfie skin is trending on Facebook and Twitter. You are booked facing the pool on the second floor for three nights, starting Sunday, and I can send you a link to the spa services they offer. And your coffee has the barest of stevia sprinkles. You know they say that when you cut out sugar entirely, even a little sugar or sugar replacement can taste sweeter,” Amanda said, from Betsy’s office door.

“Fine. But it’s too sweet,” Betsy said, as she polished it off. Apparently not too sweet.

Amanda had never been a fan of fad diets. Of course, her naturally petite figure helped, but depriving yourself of something entirely was never a good plan.

“I sent you Molly’s articles for next month’s issue. Looks like they need some work,” Betsy said.

“Of course.”

“And you’ll have your first article to me by tomorrow, end of business.”

It wasn’t a question.

“Yes. It’s almost done. I think you’re really going to like it.”

“Sure, sure. Just get me your revisions on Molly’s articles by lunch. I’m thinking salmon salad today. Just no sugar,” Betsy said, with a dismissive wave of her hand. Amanda shut the door and slid into her chair just outside of Betsy’s office.

When she’d taken this job eighteen months ago, the description had been deceptive. She’d gone in hoping for more on the editorial side, less on the assistant, but she’d been wrong, and it was stifling. Grabbing coffee and booking travel for someone else had not been on her list of life goals, but she had her foot in the door, and she was staying planted. For now.

And yes, she managed the magazine’s online content, but she wanted to be a staff writer. A staff travel writer. And if it took getting sugar-free coffee, while writing a few articles here and there, it was a start.

Traveling all over the globe had been amazing. If she’d promoted her blog more, pushed for affiliates and ad space, she could’ve gotten by with a little more money. Although she wasn’t going to knock the creature comforts now that she was home. There was a lot to be said for indoor plumbing and hot water. She’d really scrimped by on the last two trips before she’d come home. She’d loved exploring other countries, but tent living wasn’t for her and squatting with friends she’d met over the years definitely had an expiration date.

She’d packed her few bags and came home, with plans to hit the road again sooner rather than later. And luckily, thanks to a few connections and an internship she’d had in college, she’d landed at San Francisco Life magazine. Her online presence had helped, too. She had a lot of followers that now subscribed to the magazine and Amanda was sure that it was one of the reasons they had her managing the online content.

Now she just had to figure out how to move from coffee grabber to travel writer and get the hell out of the country. Hell, she’d settle for getting out of the state.

“Just somewhere,” she muttered, opening up the file Betsy had sent her. Molly was their staff food critic, and she’d been slacking recently. Amanda scanned the article, making a few general notes, before settling in with her online red pen. At least she was using her English degree for something.


“Are you ready for some hockey?” Penny stated, with way too much enthusiasm, when she opened the door that night.

Amanda bit back her laugh. “You know they can’t see you so why are you decked out in gear?”

“I always wear my jersey when I watch the game. Doesn’t matter where I am. And look, it’s a new one,” she said, spinning around.

HARTY’S HEART spread across her shoulders, with Ethan’s number below.

“Isn’t it awesome? He gave it to me right before he left yesterday,” Penny said, when she faced Amanda again, her eyes bright.

“So awesome,” Amanda repeated, following Penny into the house. Amanda was truly happy for her friend. And happy that Penny and Ethan were back on solid ground. This time for good. Amanda was sure of it.

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