Skating the Line:San Francisco Strikers, book 2(115)

By: Stephanie Kay

“I should ask the same of you,” he said, his voice tight.

“I live here. You know that. But why aren’t you in New York?” Penny asked, her hand clutching her martini glass so tightly that she feared she’d snap it.

“Penny, what is going on?” Lexi asked, shifting closer to her. Penny’s gaze darted between her friends and Ethan, concern and question in their eyes.

“Umm. I should go. Big day tomorrow,” Penny said, setting down the fragile martini glass and clutching her bag. She had to get the hell out of there.

“Penny. Wait, is this Italian Ethan?” Lexi whispered, her eyes wide.

Oh God, here it comes. She couldn’t face their questions now—or ever. The woman obsessed with making lists and checking them twice—or three—or thirty times, had thrown pros and cons to the wind and had a week-long fling with a stranger in a foreign country. It so wasn’t her. Hell, she still couldn’t explain it to herself, let alone anyone else.

Fuck. This wasn’t supposed to come back and bite her in the ass. She lived here. He told her he lived in New York. He was currently on the wrong coast for that to be true, so what else had he lied about? Panic was firing on all cylinders now.

“Penny,” Amanda said, dragging her name out in clear question.

“I should go. Sorry. Lexi, I’ll see you at work tomorrow,” Penny said, giving Ethan one last look before rushing out of the bar, the questions yelled at her fading to silence as the door shut behind her. She shivered in the crisp night air, her coat forgotten as her fight or flight instinct kicked in. Tonight, she’d gone for flight.

What the hell had just happened? She walked briskly down the street, praying for either a sinkhole to open up and swallow her whole or a cab to stop. Frankly, it was a toss-up as to which one she’d prefer.

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