Sinful Abandon(40)

By: Jeannine Colette

A life.

A love.

I’d call that a win for a sin.

A year ago, I was asked to join this incredible group of authors, many of whom I did not know before. Thank you to Carina Adams, Leddy Harper, Nicole Hart, Lauren Runow, Stephie Walls, and SL Ziegler for being the greatest friends and collaborators an indie author could ask for. I love you TWOTs!!!

To my beta babes—Lauren Runow, Stefanie Pace, Kelli Mummert, and Giovanna Bovenzi Cruz—for helping make Sinful Abandon an amazing read.

To Jovana Shirley of Unforeseen Editing for always making my stories glow beautifully on the page.

To Autumn Hull for always being my final set of eyes.

To Emily Smith Kidman for helping share the Abandon Collection with readers.

To Meg Rhea and Michaela Duarte, who won a Facebook contest and let me name characters after them.

I only write about cities I’ve traveled to, but I always need a local to give it that authentic feel. Thank you, Sarita Bernal Woerheide, for being my guide and helping to make Chicago come to life.

To my mom for her time and to my kids for their patience.

And to Bryan for always telling me what a man would really say. ;)