Sinful Abandon(13)

By: Jeannine Colette

His mouth is hovering over my core. My hips buck in desperate need to be touched.

“And what if I don’t want to be fucked?” I ask.

His tongue darts out and takes a swipe over my clit. The sensation ripples up my body, and my hips jolt further off the bed.

“Then, I’ll leave.” He places his hands on my thighs, holding them wide and in place as he licks again.

My fingers dig into the thousand thread count sheets.

“I don’t want you to leave,” I breathe.

With a grin, he looks up at me and says, “Good, because I have been dying to touch you since you tried to steal my cab.”

“It wasn’t your—” My words are swallowed by my inhale when Ryan goes back down and licks my clit again.

This time, he doesn’t stop.

His tongue is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. With every swipe, my desire builds. My fingers run through his hair. When he dips a finger and caresses me from the inside, I grab my own hair and scream out.

The act only makes Ryan continue on. His tongue is firm and fast, unrelenting. When I look down at him, the sight only makes me burn further with need.

I have a terrible confession to make. I’ve never come from a man going down on me. It takes me forever, so I cut the act short and jump right into sex. But this feeling burning through me, this build happening inside—paired with the sensation of his hands on my thighs, his mouth moving with vigor, and the groans of satisfaction he gives with every cry from my mouth—makes me lose myself in the moment.

“Touch yourself,” he moans, his hands and mouth still on me.

I lower my hands to my breasts and circle my nipples. It’s exactly what I need to send me over the edge. The sensations are exquisite. The desire builds higher and stronger inside me. I close my eyes and arch my back. My body ignites, and as he sucks on my clit one more time, I explode, screaming his name into the dead of night.

My core throbs and pulses, tightening with the intense orgasm.

Ryan doesn’t stop. He takes me through the waves and doesn’t relent until my body sinks into the bed with erratic breaths.

I raise my hands above my head and enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss.

My first oral orgasm. It only took thirty-one years.

Ryan climbs up my body and holds himself up at arm’s length. “Should I go now?”

His words force my eyes open, and I see a devilish gleam.

“Hell no.” I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me.

His throbbing erection sinks into my thigh, but he makes no move to enter. Instead, he kisses me. These kisses aren’t the rushed movements of someone who wants to get in and get out. No, he kisses me like the act is more sensual and orgasmic than anything else we’ve done so far tonight.

His mouth is slow, purposeful.

With our lips still attached, Ryan lies down on his side, pulling me into him. Our lips and tongues fall into the dark abyss. While his hand is in my hair and the other is on my hip, my hands wander over his body, feeling every curve and delicious indent. His mouth moves to my jaw and neck, and when he comes back to my mouth, I realize that I missed his lips, even for those brief seconds.

And just knowing that his swollen cock is inches from my needy core is making me desperate for him to be deep inside me.

I roll to my side. My hand hovers over the handle of my nightstand.

What must he think of me? How we met, what I was wearing, where we are now? I make no excuses for my lifestyle. I don’t regret my decisions. Yet I don’t want Ryan to think I am someone who just has sex with anyone. If I open this drawer and he sees what’s inside, will he think less of me?

A soft kiss on my shoulder gets my attention. That sweet gesture is overwhelming.

“Hey,” he says, his hand under my chin, forcing me around. His knuckle caresses my face. “In my pocket is my wallet. It’s smart to always be prepared.”

My head falls onto his shoulder, and a slight smile lifts my face. I nod and then roll over. I grab his pants off the floor. I hand him his wallet and watch as he pulls the condom out and sheaths himself in it.

“Turn around.”

I do as he says.

With my back to him, Ryan slides an arm under my neck. His other arm lifts my leg up and over his outer thigh. He guides himself inside me from behind. When he is fully in, we both cry out. Wrapping his hand around my lower stomach, he pumps in and out in intense, controlled movements. His hips roll into me, hitting the very sensitive spot no man has ever cared to claim.