Sinful Abandon(12)

By: Jeannine Colette

One by one, I undo the buttons of his shirt. Satin skin is exposed with each opening until a taut, defined chest and torso are on full display. He’s virtually hairless, except for a light sprinkling of hair leading down from his well-defined stomach.

I run my fingers over his pecs and go into sensory overload. He’s so hard and soft at the same time. If I could figure out a way to get closer to him, I would.

With my lips, I kiss down his neck.

With my tongue, I navigate the planes of his body.

With my hands, I unfasten the belt and button of his pants.

With my eyes, I take in his massive erection, large, thick, and ready for the taking.

And, with my mouth, I devour every inch of it.

“Heather,” he growls when my tongue dances up and down the pleasure vein and twirls around the swollen head.

He leans back on his forearms and intently watches me. I hold his gaze and make an imprint in my mind of this gorgeous male with satin skin and hard muscles. His mouth forms an O, breathing in short breaths over the movements of my mouth.

His balls are tight as I caress them with my hand. I want to give him the most insane blow job he’s ever had. I have a plethora of sex toys, but they’ve all been used before.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see an elastic hairband.

Ryan lets out a groan when I sit back on my heels to reach over for the hair tie. Using two hands, I make it as large as I can and slide it over and down the shaft before going lower and under his balls.

“Did you just MacGyver a cock ring?” he asks.

I laugh at his reference. “Yes. Yes, I did.”

“You’re full of surprises,” he says.

His eyes are carnal, despite the grin on his face. The piercing deep, dark cobalt takes my breath away.

“You have no idea,” is all I say before I dive back and take his cock so far deep into my mouth, it hits the back wall of my throat.

Pumping the base with my hand, I lap and suck him down. His head falls back, and he breathes out a series of the sweetest curses. My jaw is tight, but each glorious sound of his breath makes me want to push harder. I’ve never enjoyed going down on a man as much as I am right now.

Ryan leans up on the bed. His fingers lightly caress my head. He’s not bearing down, forcing his weight on me. No, he’s gently guiding me, assisting me.

“I’m going to come,” he warns, gesturing with his fingers for me to lift my mouth.

I go down on him faster, letting him know I want every drop. And when he comes, it’s with a deep growl, and I swallow every salty piece of him.

Leaning back on the heels of my feet, I watch a panting Ryan. While I enjoyed giving him pleasure, I’m internally kicking myself for letting him finish. Now, the party’s over. He won’t stick around to take care of me.

I carefully remove the hair tie and then rise to my feet, grabbing my tank from the bed.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“Getting dressed.”

“Oh no, you don’t.” Ryan grabs my hips and pulls me toward the bed.

In one stealthy movement, he flips me onto my back, his body over me. He kicks his pants off, that incredible physique now fully exposed. Ripping the tank from my hand, he throws it onto the floor and kisses me hard on the mouth, no care in the world that I taste of him.

His hands hold me tight. His hips rock against me.

My head spins at the thought of how fast he’s gotten hard again.

“Did you think I wouldn’t want to repay the favor?” he whispers into my ear before taking a nip on the lobe.

An electric current shoots to my head. His mouth on my neck is intoxicating.

“I wasn’t playing tit for tat.”

Ryan lifts his head. “That sounds dirty.”

My head falls to the side as I laugh. “You’re twelve.”

“I had your tits, and now, I want your tat,” he says as his hand snakes over my pants and rubs my clit up and down.

I groan, despite his incredibly corny line.

“If you think I’m the kinda guy who would let a beautiful woman suck my dick and not return the favor, then you have me all wrong.” His thumbs hook into the sides of my pants, and he lowers them over my hips. As his fingers travel, so does his mouth, slowly down my body. “Not only am I going to lick your sweet pussy until you’re screaming my name,” he says, throwing my pants to the ground, “I am also going to fuck you until the sun comes up.”