Sinful Abandon(11)

By: Jeannine Colette

A soft clap pulls me out of character, forcing me to look down and push a rogue hair behind my ear.

“That was awesome,” Ryan says in a voice that is not his own. It’s excited and rushed. I look up and see him lunging toward me as he talks with his hands out in the air, “That was, like, the best.” He takes quick breaks in between each word. His body twitches as he says, “That was the best Kathy Griffin impersonation. Ever!”

A huge laugh escapes my mouth. I lean forward and hold my sides at the worst Jimmy Fallon impression I’ve ever seen.

“What? That was good, no?”

Still trying to catch my breath, I stand up and use my sexy Colombian accent when I say, “In my country, if you want to do an impression, you have to do it right or else you’ll get your head cut off by the drug lords.”

Ryan’s face is practically beaming. “That was the most amazing Sofía Vergara I’ve ever seen.” He points a finger at me. “You practice when no one is watching.”

I want to make a face and tell him he’s crazy. With a closed-mouth smile, I nod my head and look down at my feet.

When I raise my eyes, I notice that Ryan is no longer laughing. He’s staring at me like he’s just realized something. I tilt my head in question.

“You’re amazing,” he says, his voice deep, sensual. “Funny. Beautiful. You should laugh more often.”

His words take my breath away.

“I suppose I could use some clever in my life. And charming,” I reply, my eyes not leaving his.

“So, you think I’m clever and charming?”

“Pfft. I was talking about Charlie the doorman,” I tease.

Ryan charges after me and tickles my sides. I laugh hysterically and curl my body in, retreating backward from the onslaught of affection. I haven’t been tickled in…ever.

My back hits the outside wall of my apartment. The stucco is rubbing against my back, yet all I can feel is the hard, hot male against my chest. His hands are molded into my ribs, his legs entwined with mine.

He’s still. So still. My laughter dies down, and in its place is anticipation. I’m yearning for what those cobalt-blue eyes gazing down on me are about to do.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” It’s not a request. It’s a warning.

With sinful abandon, he kisses me, a stranger he met an hour ago on a busy street and followed to her apartment.

Letting go of every inhibition, I let him.

I part my lips and let his tongue enter my mouth. Soft, sensual lips devour mine in a way I’ve never been kissed before. They’re claiming me with lust and need but also with desire and obsession.

His hands dig deeper into my sides. I raise mine and run them through the smooth tendrils of his dark hair. His mouth traces my jaw and moves down the skin of my neck. When he reaches the spot just below my ear, I moan in expletives.

Ryan’s hands rise to my head, his fingers lacing through my hair. He reclaims my mouth, and I melt into him. His body has to slightly lean down, and I wrap a leg around his torso. Our bodies become one of molten heat, and the heavy weight of his intense erection is pressed against the sweetest spot on my body.

Needing more, I raise my other leg and climb him. He takes my weight, like it’s nothing. With one hand on my ass and the other cradling the back of my neck, Ryan walks us through the balcony door, which he kicks closed with his foot.

For someone who has never been to my place before, he easily finds the bedroom. Without releasing me, he takes a seat on the bed. My body straddles him with familiarity.

It’s like I know this body.

I know this man.

“Fuck,” he breathes as my core rubs up and down, the hard steel threatening to release from the wool fabric.

My breasts are alive, tickling with need. I need them to be touched, tweaked, kissed.

My tank top is off, and Ryan wastes no time in lowering that incredible mouth. With one lash of his tongue, I let out a groan. He does it again, raising his other hand to pinch the neglected nipple.

Men don’t pay attention to breasts like they used to. The art of foreplay has gone out the window, everyone looking for a quick blow and a bang.

But not with Ryan.

Keeping the steady glide of my hips, I slide against his cock, my clit throbbing. Ryan’s head falls back, and a beautiful sigh escapes his mouth. I’m doing this to him with his clothes on. I can’t wait to see how he responds when they’re off.