Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(9)

By: Cassandra Lawson

There was a loud cracking noise, and Danny barely managed to get the jeep to the side of the road when the tire blew out. His instincts were on high alert as he scanned the area around the jeep. Something was off. He slipped a crossbow to Faith and a knife to Jared.

“If anything happens, defend yourselves and head into the woods,” he said, pointing to his left. “There’s a guard detail stationed about half a mile that way, and they’ll help you.”

“What’s going on?” Faith asked nervously.

“I’m convinced someone set this up to stop us,” he explained. “Probably not us specifically, but anyone heading to the business district.”

There was no logical reason for his suspicions, but his instincts were telling him something was wrong. Pulling his phone from his pocket, Danny was just about to send Connor a message when he saw several fighters break through the trees.

“Run!” Danny shouted, tossing his phone to Faith.

“I’m a vampire,” Jared said. “I can help you.”

“Protect Faith and your baby,” Danny insisted before leaping out of the jeep and rushing toward their attackers. He had no doubt they were attackers. All were heavily armed and ready for a fight. He didn’t have time to look behind him to make sure the teens were following his orders. All he could do was try to buy them as much time as possible.

“Well, well, well,” said a human Danny recognized from the island settlement. “Imagine running across Danny, the vampire lover,” he sneered with a toothy grin that had Danny amending his belief that the guy was still human.

“You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering your name, vampire,” Danny said in a flat tone. Hopefully, he could keep these bastards distracted long enough for Faith and Jared to get to safety. If he was really lucky, they’d have time to send guards back to help him. He was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get that lucky, but a guy could hope.

“Stupid move, sending the others running like that,” some guy Danny didn’t know said before spitting on the ground.

“They’re just kids,” Danny said with a casual shrug. Better if they assumed Faith and Jared were human. Both could run much faster than humans, but Danny was hoping these assholes wouldn’t notice.

“Kids?” asked the guy he recognized. “They’re at least sixteen. I’d hardly call them kids. You were out killing vampires at that age.”

“Humans don’t usually fight here,” Danny said to keep them talking and believing Faith and Jared were human. His shoulders were relaxed and his feet were spread, to give him the best balance when all hell broke loose, which would happen any minute.

“The girl looked familiar,” the spitter said thoughtfully.

“She was probably at the island,” the first guy snapped. “It doesn’t matter anyway. Danny boy has a point about the other two being useless. They’re not likely to make it far anyway.”

“What do you mean?” Danny asked, instantly on alert.

The spitter chuckled. “We sent some feral vampires out into the woods earlier. Bet they’re already munching on your little friends.”

Danny attacked without hesitation because he had to get away to find Faith and Jared. Connor had already said Jared had limited fighting skills. Springing forward like he was going to attack, Danny watched as the others prepared to fight. That’s when he let the knives drop lower into his hands and threw them. This was a trick he’d learned from Ian. The others were bracing for him to lunge toward them and not at all prepared for the knives. One of his opponents ended up with a knife in the heart, while the other knife found its mark in one’s throat. The one with the knife to the heart dropped immediately, but the other managed to yank the knife out of his throat with a snarl. Had that one been human, he’d have been dead in minutes, but the vampire would survive if he got blood soon enough.

“Sonofabitch!” snarled the leader as he pulled what looked almost like a gun from his pocket, aiming it at Danny.

Danny jerked to the side, inadvertently bumping into one of his opponents. Not wasting any time, Danny slammed his fist into the guy’s throat as soon as he hit the ground before grabbing a nearby rock and smashing it into the guy’s temple. Thankfully, this one was human, and he stopped fighting as he collapsed to the ground.