Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(8)

By: Cassandra Lawson

“Things are getting better, but they’re still pretty fucked up,” Connor said in a tired voice.

Roger had gathered up humans from several settlements to force into his army of turned vampires. They were likely all undead, mindless tools by now—a thought that made Danny’s alcohol induced nausea even worse. Now, they were trying to help the humans who hadn’t been taken by reinforcing some settlements and merging others. In some cases, entire settlements had been destroyed, and they needed to help rebuild them.

If it were up to Connor, he’d probably move them all to the born vampire settlement where it was safer, but many humans didn’t like the idea of living with the vampires. The humans who lived away from the vampire settlements tended to be distrustful of all vampires. Some openly hated them, even if they weren’t trying to kill them. The distrust and hatred meant Connor needed to send enough people to those settlements to make sure the born vampires could defend themselves if the humans there changed their minds and decided to kill the vampires.

Danny often wondered why Connor even bothered. When he’d asked, Connor had given him a line about being responsible for everyone in this territory, but he likely also didn’t want those humans being used as weapons in Roger’s army.

“You know we aren’t likely to run into any problems this close to our settlement,” Danny said.

“I know,” Connor reluctantly agreed. “Be careful anyway. Raven will have my balls if I let anything happen to you.”

“No need to worry about me,” Danny said with a grin.

“You don’t have to lie to me,” Connor said seriously.

“Every word out of my mouth has been the truth,” Danny snapped.

“That whole happy act is a lie,” Connor countered. “I don’t know what’s bothering you, but we are going to talk about it when you get back.”

Danny bit back his angry retort and nodded. The last thing he wanted was to talk to Connor about his feelings. Hell, he didn’t even understand them himself and had no interest in having them dissected by Connor. Surely he could find a way to get out of his talk with Connor before he got back.

Chapter Four

“Thanks for driving me to my appointment,” Faith said quietly. Her eyes were glued to her hands, which were fisted in her lap. “I know you probably didn’t want to be stuck babysitting me.”

Jared was fidgeting in his seat. “It’s great that you’re doing this for Faith,” he added.

“He probably didn’t volunteer,” Faith said.

“I didn’t volunteer,” Danny admitted. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have volunteered if Connor had asked for someone to take you.” He decided it would be best to keep the rest of that thought to himself. While he would have volunteered if Connor had asked, that would have been after waiting to see if anyone else would offer to do it first. Thankfully, neither of the teens seemed to want to talk much because Danny was still feeling the effects of the previous night, and he also felt a little guilty about how much he did not want to be here.

It wasn’t that Danny didn’t like Faith. Honestly, he didn’t know her well enough to have an opinion. He just felt awkward around her. Faith hadn’t chosen to become a vampire, and her change was a rare occurrence. The Moon virus couldn’t be passed through saliva with born vampires, and she’d never taken blood. In rare instances, the Moon virus could be passed along during sex with a born vampire if their partner was already pregnant. Faith seemed okay with the change, but the idea of her being turned without her consent bothered Danny.

Becoming a vampire was something he’d feared his entire life. Technically, he’d been terrified of becoming a turned vampire—a mindless killer who would destroy his own friends without a thought. Still, even becoming a born vampire scared him. His friend Muriel had been injected with the Moon virus during two pregnancies to try to change. The second time it worked, and Danny hadn’t visited her since. The excuse he used was that he didn’t want to get stuck feeding her vampire baby, but he often wondered if she knew that was a lie. What kind of friend bailed on someone just because they made a lifestyle choice he didn’t agree with?