Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(6)

By: Cassandra Lawson

“You do look more like a Danny,” she said thoughtfully.

“I’d really like to see you again,” he blurted out.

Her hands moved from his shoulders, and he already knew the answer, so he stood again.

“I want that too,” she stated softly. “I just can’t. It’s not you, but things would never work between us. I shouldn’t be here at all.”

Danny nodded and was happy to note that the pain wasn’t as bad as he’d expected. The pills, whatever they were, were already working. “You don’t need to make up any excuses for not seeing me again. I get it. I made a terrible impression last night.”

“If only it was that simple,” she said, and something in her eyes made him believe she was telling the truth. There was this part of him that wanted to push for more details, but it wasn’t the right time. No matter how much he wanted to get to know the woman in his bed, he wasn’t in a position to start anything.

“I’d offer to fix you breakfast, but I really am running late,” he apologized. “I’m also a horrible cook.”

“It’s no problem,” she said with a smile. “I need to run anyway. I shouldn’t have stayed here so long, but I was worried about you last night.”

That touched Danny in a strange way. “Thank you. Hell, I can’t even remember your name,” he admitted. “I’m such an asshole.”

“Quinn,” she said with a sweet smile.

“Hopefully, we’ll meet again soon, Quinn,” he said, determined to make that happen. The settlement wasn’t that big, and Quinn was an unusual name for a woman. Someone would know how to find her.

Her smile faded. “Perhaps in another lifetime, Danny.” On those strange words, she climbed out of bed and gathered up her clothes. “I’ll dress down the hall so you can use the bathroom to get ready.”

Danny watched her walk out the door, disappointed in the knowledge that she’d most likely be gone before he finished his shower. The woman was a complete stranger, so there was no reason for him to be this fascinated. Later, he could focus on finding out who Quinn was and how he could get her back into his bed under better circumstances. For now, he needed to focus on getting ready for patrol.

Thoughts of Quinn in his bed brought a genuine smile to his face. Oh yes, he was definitely going to see her again.

Chapter Three

The scowl Connor shot his direction came as no surprise to Danny when he rushed into the meeting room fifteen minutes late. Con was the leader of the vampire settlement and hated people showing up late. Physically, Connor didn’t look imposing. Standing a couple of inches under six feet tall, he was shorter than Danny. His light brown hair was short, and he had a tendency to run his fingers through it when he was annoyed, meaning his hair was usually a little messy. Con had a broad chest, and with the Kevlar vest he was wearing on patrol today, he looked disproportionately bulky. It was Connor’s presence that made him imposing. He had an air of authority about him, and from what Danny had heard, that had been the case since Connor was very young.

If there was a God, Connor would wait until later to discuss Danny’s tardiness. While Danny’s head wasn’t throbbing like it had been when he’d woken up that day, he was still feeling a little nauseated. Drinking alcoholic beverages was definitely going on his list of things to avoid. He’d almost rather drink blood, and his disdain for that was one of many reasons he’d never want to be a vampire. Nope, he’d rather live a human lifespan than live longer as a vampire.

Luckily, Connor was too busy arguing with Shelby to chew his ass out at the moment.

“I get that you hate having your precious schedule interrupted,” Shelby spat out. “It’s not like I planned this just to create problems for you.” Shelby was a hot, badass vampire with mocha skin, green eyes, and reddish hair. She was one of the few people who never backed down from Connor.

“We screwed up,” Carla, Shelby’s mate, said. Where Shelby was all tall warrior princess, Carla was soft and feminine with brown hair and pretty grey eyes. It was an interesting contrast.

“Fine,” Shelby said in exasperation. “We fucked up and forgot to let you know when Faith’s appointment was. That doesn’t change the fact that she needs to see the doctor today.”