Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(13)

By: Cassandra Lawson

“I guess Connor had Danny running some vampires into the city, younger ones,” he began, unable to remember their names. “According to the younger vampires, the tire on the jeep blew out, but Danny was suspicious. When he saw it was a trap, he sent the kids off and stayed behind to distract the enemy. The younger ones couldn’t tell if they were vampires or humans. I’ve seen your friend fight, and he’s good,” he said, trying to give her hope.

“Stupid Danny,” Layla muttered. “He may be good, but he’s not that good. Why the hell does he have to act like a hero?”

Cam shrugged. “Sounds like the choice was him sending the others away or all of them being taken. Danny was the only fighter with any experience, so the younger ones would have just gotten in the way. Besides, the female is breeding, and she needed to be protected. He sent them in the direction of a patrol, probably hoping they’d send help in time. If the younger ones hadn’t run into those undead vampires, his plan might have worked.”

“You’re right,” Layla reluctantly agreed. “I just feel so helpless right now. Why the hell would Connor send him out alone? Even if we haven’t had any problems on that road lately, it was still stupid.”

Cam didn’t answer because he had no idea why the vampire had chosen to send them out without backup. Although, he suspected there was a good reason since Connor rarely did anything without a good reason.

“We have to find a way to get him back,” Layla said almost desperately. “Con’s hands are tied because the council ordered him to stay away from that settlement. He can’t just go after Danny without putting the people who count on him in danger.”

“Seems like this shouldn’t be an issue,” Cam said thoughtfully. “They attacked you first, so the council should be okay with you defending yourselves.”

Layla snorted. “Those bastards turned the time they kidnapped Simon around on us. Somehow, they made it sound like they were the victims and complained about us attacking them and bringing monsters that could turn into wild cats.”

“Vampires have a lot of stupid politics, don’t they?” he asked.

“This coming from a man who sneaks around behind his father’s back to visit us.” Layla’s eyes lit with excitement as an idea came to her. “What about Claire? Don’t even try telling me you aren’t in contact with her. Zane already told me you’ve been meeting up with her every chance you get.”

Cam hesitated because he wasn’t sure how much he wanted to share about Claire. To say his relationship with her was complicated would be a huge understatement. The female was a turned vampire, one who still had a beating heart. He was hot for her in a way that made him very uncomfortable. That was why he’d gone out of his way to avoid discussing any interactions he’d had with Claire after her return to her own settlement. No matter how many times he told himself he simply wanted to fuck Claire, he didn’t believe that lie, and it scared him because getting involved with a vampire wasn’t an option. Layla could take a vampire as her mate because she wasn’t part of their clan. In fact, his father didn’t even know Layla existed.

“Stop stalling, Cam,” she growled. “How often do you see Claire?”

“Not often,” Cam admitted. “But I have some idea of what’s going on over there. Things have been kind of quiet, and she’s not hearing much about what Roger has planned. I was worried he might not trust her because of her time here, but she’s pretty sure that’s not the problem. In her opinion, Roger doesn’t trust anyone. To me, that makes him even more dangerous. Claire seems convinced he’ll keep things quiet over there until after the council meeting. At least, she’s convinced he won’t hurt her while she’s still a necessary part of his plan. I’m just worried about what will happen if he finds out she’s not on his side.”

“Roger definitely doesn’t handle betrayal well. That’s one of the reasons I’m so worried about Danny. Roger will see him as a traitor,” Layla said. “Of course, if Claire’s right about them keeping a low profile, this might not have been Roger. Do you think we have other turned vampires with this new version of the virus running around?”