Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(12)

By: Cassandra Lawson

Chapter Six

Six hours later, a freak rainstorm forced them back to the vampire settlement. Cam opted to stay behind in case he could do more to locate Danny. As much as his brothers had wanted to stay, their father’s patience wouldn’t last much longer. If their half-human cousin hadn’t been missing, Cam was pretty sure his father wouldn’t have cared how long they were gone. Their father had a soft spot for their cousin and worried about her more, most likely due to her human side. Quinn’s mother had been killed when Quinn was very young, and she’d been his father’s favorite sister.

Normally, his father wasn’t big on intermingling with other species and had always kept his distance from other half-breeds. Quinn was the exception to that rule because his father loved her like his own daughter.

Cam was relieved when Connor tossed him a towel and a pair of pants as soon as they got back to his house. While he didn’t mind being naked—cold, wet, and naked was never a fun combination.

“Thanks for sticking around,” Ian said after Cam slipped on the pants.

“No problem,” Cam answered. “Sorry we lost his scent out there. I’m sure he was moved in a jeep, which makes it harder to track, especially in the rain.”

“I guess the good news is that he’s still alive,” Ian said, but Cam heard the doubt in his voice. Alive wasn’t always a good thing. While Ian hadn’t been tortured in his youth, there were plenty of vampires living in this settlement who had, and most of them had suffered greatly at the hands of the vampire who likely had Danny.

Layla rushed in with her mate. Cam had met Layla right before her first change, and he’d been more than a little disappointed to find out she was in love with the pretty vampire. She was a tiny thing with blonde hair and brown eyes. Oddly enough, her eyes turned blue when she was in her lynx form. Cam had never met anyone with eyes like that. Her mate, Simon, was so pretty he could tempt most people, male and female. Cam didn’t usually go for men, but he might have made an exception for Simon. With golden hair, blue eyes, and a face like an angel, he was beyond attractive.

“Tell me what happened,” Layla demanded.

“We’re still waiting on the others,” Connor said patiently.

Cam could see the shifting under her skin. Danny had been Layla’s best friend since childhood, and she was on the verge of losing control and changing into her lynx form. If that happened in her current frame of mind, she might do some serious damage to the people around her, not to mention Connor’s home.

“I’ll take the little kit outside and update her on what we know,” Cam said, looping an arm around Layla’s shoulders. Thankfully, the rain had stopped so he wouldn’t get soaked saving Connor’s house from being destroyed by an angry shifter. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying Simon’s glare, but the vampire was smart enough to see that his mate needed help he couldn’t provide. Cam shuddered to think how the little kit would have handled her first change had he and his brothers not run into her.

“Try taking some deep breaths,” he suggested as they stepped into Connor’s backyard. “You don’t want to change with your emotions this out of control. If you don’t think you can manage it, we’ll leave the settlement.”

“I want to kill something,” she said in a guttural tone.

“Which is exactly why I need you to calm down,” he told her in a soothing voice. “You’re close to shifting, and you know how hard it is to control your impulses when you’re in lynx form.”

“I know,” she agreed before taking several deep breaths. “Tell me what happened with Danny today.”

Cam would have preferred waiting until she had herself a little more under control, but he’d have to settle for being satisfied that she was away from the others. If she shifted and lost it, he was strong enough to control her until the rage passed, but that would be much harder in a crowded room. The vampires were pretty capable in a fight, but he wasn’t sure they’d be able to handle the little kit in a killing rage.

“Stop stalling, Cam.”