Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(11)

By: Cassandra Lawson

“Not far,” Jase said.

Cam had traveled to the vampire settlement today with Jase to get their brother Zane back. Zane was spending a lot of time there because he enjoyed sex with vampires. It was different, and no one asked him about finding a mate at the vampire settlement. Zane’s newfound lust for vampires was something they hadn’t shared with their father. Lucky for Zane, their father had been distracted and hadn’t noticed his long absences. Now, however, he’d decided he needed Zane to help find their cousin, who’d been missing since yesterday. Cam figured she just needed a break from everything, and she’d turn up today. Granted, he was still pissed at her for disappearing.

On their way back from retrieving Zane, Cam and his brothers had caught the scent of turned vampires and decided that if they ran across any of the born vampires, they’d warn them. Ian had been out on patrol and agreed to separate from his group to check it out with them. Cam wondered if the vampire realized they were only tagging along because they loved a good fight.

Cam froze and scented the air. His brothers were doing the same thing.

“There are turned vampires that way,” Jase announced, pointing to his left. “Some of them are closer. I can also smell two vampires like you close by.”

They moved in that direction at a brisk pace.

“Can you tell if the turned vampires are alive or undead from this distance?” Ian asked and chuckled when he saw the offended look on Jase’s face.

“Of course we can,” Jase said with a snort. “They’re undead.”

The sound of a woman’s scream cut through the air.

“Let’s go!” Ian shouted and took off running toward the scream. Cam still wasn’t used to vampires, and it surprised him how quickly they moved. Jase shifted to lynx form, but Cam and Zane opted to stay in human form until they had a better idea what they were dealing with.

Bursting through the trees, they found two born vampires surrounded by turned vampires. One of the born vampires was breeding and terrified, so Cam attacked.

Jase took one of the turned vampires to the ground, tearing out his throat.

Throwing knives were Ian’s preference, but Cam was guessing he was afraid he’d hit one of the born vampires, because Ian jumped in and plunged a knife into the heart of one vamp, just as another grabbed him from behind. Zane caught the vampire on Ian’s back and tossed him against a tree, stunning the vampire long enough for Zane to grab a nearby branch and plunge it into the vampire’s heart.

To Cam’s disappointment, it wasn’t much of a fight, and all the turned vampires were dead within a few minutes. After they finished off the turned vampires, they looked up to see Connor watching them.

“What are you doing here?” Ian asked, looking annoyed and confused.

“While I was heading out, I noticed a couple of turned vampires and decided to track them,” Connor explained. “That is until I heard fighting and decided to head your way.”

“Thanks for the help,” Ian snapped.

Connor shrugged. “I was guarding Faith and Jared,” he said, gesturing to the younger vampires they’d just saved.

“Danny,” Faith said, still looking shocked and terrified.

“Where is he?” Connor asked with a calm Cam was sure he didn’t feel. Connor took the safety of his people very seriously, and he had a soft spot for the human. Cam understood; Danny reminded him of a toned-down version of Zane.

“The tire blew out on the jeep,” Jared explained, pulling Faith into his arms. “Danny told us to run for it and find the patrol detail in this direction when he saw people coming out of the woods. They were obviously trouble.” His eyes dropped, and his cheeks flushed. “I didn’t want to leave him there,” he added, sounding almost helpless. “There were at least five others. I don’t know if they were vampire or human. Either way, it was too much for Danny to handle on his own.”

“Danny was right to send you for help,” Connor assured the teen. “Someone needed to protect Faith.”

“For now, we need to find Danny,” Ian said urgently.

“We’ll track him,” Zane said before shifting to lynx form. Cam’s brother was more than a little fond of the human. Cam quickly shifted too. He had a really bad feeling about all of this.