Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4)(10)

By: Cassandra Lawson

At this point, Danny was amazed that he’d taken three of his opponents down. The one with the throat wound seemed to be out of the fight. That left him with three more. A dart struck his chest, but it wasn’t enough to pierce his Kevlar vest. If Danny survived this, he’d have to remember to thank Connor for nagging him to wear it.

As Danny reached for another knife, he was tackled from behind. He got the knife unsheathed, but couldn’t get into a position to use it.

“I should kill you,” his attacker hissed into his ear. Danny recognized the voice as that of the spitter. Drops of saliva hit Danny’s cheek.

“You planning to drown me?” Danny asked as he pushed up in an attempt to throw the guy off. Just his luck, the guy weighed a ton. Fangs pierced his neck, and a scream was torn from Danny’s lips. It wasn’t the pain so much as the fear Danny had tried to work through over the years. Images of his father’s throat being torn out by turned vampires flashed through Danny’s mind.

“Get your fangs out of him,” the leader ordered from Danny’s left.

Turning his head toward the leader, Danny glared at him.

“Nap time, Danny boy,” the leader said with a chuckle just before he fired the dart gun again. This time, the dart struck Danny’s neck.

The weight of the vampire on his back disappeared, and Danny struggled to get to his knees. He heard the laughter around him and took a swing, which put him off balance and sent him face first into the dirt. He tried to get his hands flat on the ground to support his own weight, but he couldn’t get his body to follow directions. The laughter took on a surreal quality, and the world began to spin. His last sane thought was that at least he wouldn’t have to talk to Connor about what was bothering him later.

Chapter Five

Cam was having a great time watching his younger brother annoy Ian, the most irritable vampire he’d ever met. At the moment, Zane was walking alongside the vampire and rubbing his face against Ian’s arm like he was trying to mark Ian with his scent. With their height difference, Zane’s cheek was almost level with Ian’s bicep, so he was mostly rubbing Ian’s shirt. Some might think Zane was trying to be a pain in the ass, mostly because he specialized in being a pain in the ass, but this was just Zane being Zane. Shifters didn’t have personal space rules like humans or vampires. They touched a lot, but most understood that other species weren’t like them. Zane didn’t have much in the way of self-control. If he liked someone, he touched them, and Zane liked Ian—grumpy moods and all.

“Christ, Zane,” Ian nearly shouted, his green eyes narrowing. “Get the fuck off of me.”

Much to Cam’s surprise, Zane backed off, so Cam decided he’d have a little fun with the vampire.

“Come on, vampire,” Cam said, enjoying the way Ian scowled at him when he wrapped his arms around Ian’s waist and snuggled into his side. Ian was about four inches taller than Cam, probably a little over six feet tall. “We touch you because we like you so much.”

“Lucky me,” Ian said under his breath.

Cam’s older brother, Jase chuckled. “You gotta understand that we touch all the time,” he explained.

“I might not mind it so much if you weren’t all naked,” Ian grumbled, and Cam grinned as he backed away.

“I keep forgetting how funny you are about nudity,” Cam said, which was a complete lie. While it was true that shifters headed out without clothes when they planned to hunt in their lynx form, they all wore pants or shorts when they planned to stay in human form. Some of the women covered their breasts, but that wasn’t as common.

While shifters were all most comfortable without clothing, they’d learned to adapt and to hide their presence. They were originally from Canada, where people found it suspicious to have a group of people wandering around naked in the freezing cold temperatures. Even though shifters had a better tolerance for the cold, they still didn’t like having certain parts of their bodies touch snow.

“How much further to the spot where you smelled the turned vamps?” Ian asked, looking directly at Jase, probably because Jase never gave him a hard time or tried to cuddle with him.

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