Shattered Hearts(64)

By: Marissa Farrar

But he growled. “Stop it. I’m not interested in your tears.”

I swiped at my face with the back of my hand.

“We’re stuck here for the moment,” he said. “I don’t know how long the storm is going to last, but my pilot won’t be able to get back to the island until it’s passed. And I’m still waiting on word to see if that last letter was enough to push your father into breaking out, or if we’re going to need to step things up a level.”

My heart lurched into my throat. “Step things up a level? What does that mean?”

The threat in his tone was unmistakable. “I think you know exactly what it means.”

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Huge thanks to my long time editor Lori Whitwam, for polishing my work, but also for putting up with my changing mind! Thanks to my proofreaders on this book, Karey McComish, and Tammy Payne from Book Nook Nuts, you’re both fabulous!

I designed the image for the covers for this series myself, but the wonderful Daqri from Covers by Combs was the one who turned them into covers with her amazing typography.

Final thanks to you, the reader, for continuing to read my books and allowing me to follow my dreams of being an author.

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