Shadowed Soul

By: Stacey Kennedy

A 1 Night Stand Story


For Lisa and Heather who are wonderfully positive, supportive

and are simply fantastic ladies.

Also for Kate Richards who held a world of patience

through the editing of this story.

Chapter One

Broken heart. Endless tears. Ellie was sick of mourning the loss of her last asshole boyfriend, Gerrid, who stomped on her heart because the word faithful didn’t hold any meaning in his vocabulary.

“All you need to do is purr and you’re a total sex kitten,” Kenna said. “That date of yours is going to get a hard-on the second he sees you.”

Her best friend was smokin’ herself. With her blue eyes and blonde hair—dressed in a short, plaid shirt and white blouse tied up to show her mid-section, she looked like a typical Barbie. “A school girl?”

“Don’t knock it,” Kenna retorted. “This outfit has gotten me laid a few times over.”

Commitment never appealed to Kenna, but she wasn’t a slut either. More of a playgirl―she loved the benefits of the single life and lived it to the fullest. Ellie tried to think the same way. Once she’d loved and loved hard. Now, she’d given up on the idea and hoped to walk in Kenna’s shoes. “You ready to go?”

Kenna grabbed onto her own breasts and squeezed them. “Ready.”

Ellie headed to the front door, laughing. She owned the luxurious condo not because of her job at Transatlantic Bank as a financial advisor. It paid well enough, but she purchased the house from the funds of her father’s estate five years ago.

At the front door, she stepped outside and the steamy Miami summer night caused her skin to flush. A month ago, she’d enlisted the services of Madame Eve, who owned the matchmaking service 1Night Stand. She didn’t want to find the man of her dreams, simply wanted a one-night stand to leave a lasting impression on her body.

After locking the door, she glanced over at Kenna. “Thanks for coming along—I might be after some action, but in case he’s a creep, you’re my escape route.”

Kenna chuckled. “Look at you, Miss Nympho.”

“I just need something to make myself feel better. I’m sick of being in the dumps.”

Kenna wiggled her eyebrows. “What you need is a hard reminder there’s plenty of good still left in the world.”

“A big, hard reminder, eh?”

Kenna nodded, grinning from ear-to-ear. “An oversized one, hopefully.”

Falling into stride with her friend, she walked briskly down the street. The sooner she got to the bar, the sooner she could get her groove on. She longed to get away from the ache in her chest and nothing she had tried so far worked. A one-night stand had to make her happy, even if for a little while.

As they arrived at Nocturnal Nightclub, the downtown core boomed with energy. She received a few glares from middle-aged people for her choice in attire, which confirmed she’d chosen correctly. The leather dress hugged her in every way it should. Low enough to show off her breasts, making them swell at the top, and the hem rested just below her ass.

The bright lights outlining the large, square building illuminated the dark sky. The bass from the music inside vibrated against her skin. A line of people stood alongside the building awaiting entrance.

“Dammit, we’re going to have to wait to get in.” She desperately wanted to meet her date, not stand outside for half the night. Her hair would frizz and by the time she went in, she’d appear more tired than sexy.

Kenna grinned. “Here’s where my strategy comes into play.”

“What strategy?”

“Do men who guard the door so you don’t have to wait.” Kenna strode up to the bouncer, not at all put off by the scowls she received from the crowd. The mountain of a man leaned down to kiss her cheek.

These two had definitely heated up the sheets, and judging by the smolder in his expression, he still wanted her. Kenna always could cause that effect. She kept the men in her life lusting after her with their tongues wagging out. They never appeared to harbor ill feelings. Most of the time, she gathered men who’d do anything for her.

Ellie envied that about her.

After a short conversation with the bouncer, Kenna glanced over her shoulder and waved her forward.