Scarlet Stone(115)

By: Jewel E Ann

Thank you, Sian and Arabella, for making Scarlet truly British. In so many ways, you brought this book to life.

Thank you to my editor, Maxann, for blowing my mind. I love your brain!

Thank you to my beta readers for what has to feel like muddling though my unedited manuscript. You never get to experience my words at their best for the first time. I will forever be grateful for your sacrifice.

Thank you to Monique and Allison for joining my proofreading team over a holiday! I had seven proofreaders for this book. If this book was not perfect, blame them—kidding.

Thank you to Sarah Hansen for the AMAZING cover!

Thank you to Paul for always giving my books a professional look with your formatting and awesome customer service!

Thank you to my readers for choosing my books to read. It’s such an honor to write for you.

Thank you, bloggers, for sharing your love of books with the world. You’re this fabulous bridge connecting readers to new authors.

Thank you to every person who has inspired me to think beyond the norm, value my health, question everything, and live my own truth. You are the spiritual leaders who bring out the best in humanity, the healers who nurture the human body, and the warriors who protect the earth and its resources. I owe you my life.