Save Me From Myself(6)

By: Stacey Mosteller

I feel my face get hot, and know it’s as red as my hair. “Um,” I stammer, “I’ll just have whatever she’s having.” I sound like an idiot. At this point, I want to either crawl under the table or run out of the bar. Both options are looking equally promising.

His half smile turn into a wide grin. He knows exactly what he is doing to me. “You got it,” he says and straightens. Before walking back to the bar, he says, “By the way, my name is David, so if you need anything, just give me a shout. It’s still pretty quiet in here.” With that, he turns and leaves. The view of his backside is just as attractive as his front.

“Mmm, that man makes jeans and a button up shirt look good!” Anna says, not moving her eyes away from his behind.

I smack her on the arm, “Anna!”

“What?” she asks indignantly. “You know you were looking at his ass too!” I blush, knowing it’s true, and turning to the others at the table, she asks, “Where’s Bastian?”

Ben snorts, “Where can you always find Bastian? Work of course. He’s making sure everything is ready for tomorrow’s issue. You had to know he probably wouldn’t show. He doesn’t ‘hang’ with the little people.”

Anna scoffs, “That issue was ready to go when we left hours ago. He’s such a perfectionist!”

They continue to talk while I zone out and study everyone at the table. Ben’s a handsome guy. He has blonde, highlighted, surfer-boy hair with pale green eyes and an easy smile. Watching him and Toby, you can instantly tell they aren’t only work partners. Toby is as dark as Ben is light, with shaggy, inky black hair - think vintage Bieber hairstyle - and eyes so dark I can’t tell where his pupils end and his irises begin.

Alex has short, spiky, light brown hair and chocolaty brown eyes. It’s obvious by watching him and Brandi that he adores her. And from the smirk on his face, and the flustered look on hers, he is clearly trying to get frisky under the table. It’s so much like Matt and I were in the beginning that it makes my heart ache for what used to be, but no longer is.

I am brought out of my trance by a hand placing a bright bluish-purple drink in front of me. “There you go,” his voice says. I jump and the hot blonde guy - David? - puts his hand on my shoulder. “Sorry darlin', didn’t mean to startle you.” He says with a knowing smile.

I am instantly embarrassed. “You didn’t,” I snap. “I just wasn’t expecting someone to be up in my personal space.”

He removes his hand. “Well sorry princess, I tried to get your attention, but you were in your own little world,” he says with a defensive edge to his voice. “It won’t happen again.”

“Mmmm David, this is amazing!” Anna moans. It sounds like she is auditioning for a porno, but it takes David’s attention away from me and I’m grateful. “What is this drink called? It tastes like grape Kool-Aid!” Anna asks as I take a huge gulp of mine.

I hear him say with a laugh, “That’s my famous Blue Balls.” I start choking as soon as the words ‘blue balls’ come out of his perfect mouth. This night can’t possibly get any worse.

“Well honey,” Anna starts in a voice full of laughter, “I will gladly drain your Blue Balls.”

The entire table, including David, bursts into raucous laughter and Terra fist-bump Anna saying, “Chica, that was classic!”

David shakes his head and turns back to me. “Let me know when y’all are ready for another round. There’s other people here who need me too.” He smirks and I stutter out an okay while praying the floor will open up beneath me and swallow me.


After three of David’s ‘Blue Balls’ concoctions, I’ve loosened up enough to move to the dance floor with everyone. Anna’s been trying to get me out there since she’d “drained her first blue balls of the night” - her words, not mine, I promise.

Rhianna’s “Cheers” starts playing right as Anna and I enter the dance floor and she immediately abandons me to grind on Brandi and Terra, holding her arm up like she’s toasting us all every time “Cheers to the frickin’ weekend” plays. She looks so funny acting out the song that I am almost doubled over with laughter in between Toby and Ben twirling me around. Alex had told me earlier that his dancing is scary, so he was content watching us from the table.