Sara's Gun

By: GM Scherbert

Devil’s Iron MC Series Book 5


I would like to give thanks where thanks are due. To my wonderful and supportive family and friends. How can you not love people who let you know your book needs more: descriptive sex, more anal, more violence and talk about it like it something that normal people talk about.


I would also like to give a special shout out to all the help I have had with promoting and also getting the word out there about my bundle of love.

Brandy Paige Roberts, Mandy Saial, Heather Reed, Jolene Huber, Nicole Lloyd, Janneke Wolbers, Melissa Filla, Vicky Deviney Chesley, Heather Joy, and the wonderful Amanda DiPierro. I am sure I am missing so many more so


~Getting the wonderful word about me and these crazy voices that keep coming~

The indie world has been super supportive and helpful every step of the way. It is surprising to me that women I have never met, are on such a level and have been such a support system every step of the way.


¤♥¤Oº°Thanks for everything°ºO¤♥¤


When I came back from serving overseas there was nowhere or nothing that suited me better than falling in with my brothers in the Devil’s Iron. The freedom we have found and the way of life that we share is something I needed after returning from the hell of multiple tours overseas. Being able to live the life that I wanted, the way I wanted, was exactly what I did. Living for no one but my brothers was all I wanted until the day I met her.

Sara fought so hard against the feelings we shared from the start. It took me so long to break down the walls she had built up and get close to her. I didn’t think anything would come between us. I was wrong and she left without a word. Now she is back, and if she thinks that she doesn’t have to answer to me for her brattish behavior, she is fucking wrong.


My adult life has been one of controlled chaos. I might like to cut loose and have fun just like any other single thirty-something girl, but that is where it ends. For fuck’s sake, I’m the one that introduced Ember to the Devil’s Iron MC. I am the one that started her going to the BDSM club in New Orleans. I have no problem letting my freak flag fly, but that is the extent that it goes.

I will not involve myself in the sort of lifestyle that he is in. Not for longer than one night, not again, not if I have anything to say or to do about it. It doesn’t matter that he broke down my walls once. Or even that my heart has been his since the first time I saw him.

My job and life are the way they are for a reason, and I, for one, will not change it for anyone, even Gun.

Chapter 1


~Five years ago~

Each time I walked into the Devil’s Iron Clubhouse, I was brought back to the years I spent in a similar Clubhouse with my father. That is a place that no little girl should have ever been. Especially daily with a good for nothing fucking father that cared more about his fucking club than his daughter and family. The last day I saw my father was two months before I turned eighteen. The fucking shit that happened to me that night is something that to this day I cannot bear to think about.

As the memories start to surface, yet again, I am walking through the doors of the Clubhouse. I pushed them aside. Those memories needed to stay in the past because that shit was something that did not control my thoughts or actions, especially when I am out to have a good time. The music is loud, the beer is cold, the shots are strong, and the man meat is looking down right edible.

Pulling up to the bar I glance at Preach and he hands me a shot and a beer before saying, “Hey, Sugar.”

“Hi Preach, how you doing tonight? It seems like a pretty slow night, I thought there was going to be a big party to welcome the guys home from their final tour overseas.”

“Yeah, Sugar, that is still going to happen- Gun got held up picking the guys up from the base so it got pushed back a bit. Just settle back and enjoy the quiet before the storm, Yeah?”

“Ok Preach, I will.”

Turning to walk away I am stopped in my tracks when I hear behind me, “You know your daddy was talking about you again the last time I was home, Sugar. I know that he can be a hard man and I don’t understand exactly why you two had that falling out five years ago, but I wish you would at least let him know that you are okay.”