Rules of the Ride:Silver Star Novel, #2

By: HJ Bellus

Silver Star Novel, #2


To all the dreamers and believers who never give up even when everyone else around them does. Dream big, dream often, but never give up. Put a little gravel in your travel, some giddy-up in your go, and get shit done.

“You can only be let down so many times before you become the hero of your own story.” –HJ Bellus



Splitting pains shoot around in my head. My mouth is dry, and a nauseous feeling already swirls around in my gut. Yep, drank way too much last night. Rolling over in bed, my arm lands across the warm skin of another body. Peeling my eyes open, I see Ella in all her naked glory, with her messy blonde hair sprawled across the pillow and my sheets.

“Fuck,” I grumble, trying to sit up in my bed, throwing my feet to the floor. Jake looks up at me with that face saying, “You’re screwed, man.”

Looking down, I’m naked as the day I was born, and as the events of the night before play out in my head, I realize I am fucked beyond belief. I’ve fully given into Ella, and now it looks like I am in for another ten years of heartache once she climbs in her fancy little sports car and drives away.

“Mav.” I turn to see her rustling around in the sheets, and then her baby blues look up at me. “Come back to bed.”

Her tattoo dances up the side of her ribs, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of staring at it. I had no idea she got it the day she left town. My name in western font goes from right underneath her armpit down to the top of her hip. Then my mind goes back to that vicious cycle and anger begins to boil up in me. She left me. Actually, she chose to leave years ago, and I’ve welcomed her right back into my life knowing my odds weren’t good.

Hell, not only life, but my heart, bed, and soul.

Her palm brushes down my back and it’s something about her touch that I’ll never be able to let go of. The day I ran into her weeks ago in town, I should’ve turned and walked away, but like a fool I stared at her.

I feel the bed dip, and then her arms drape around my neck with her breasts pressed up against my back. Her lips play with the lobe of my ear. My hand automatically goes to the back of her head, wrapping my fingers into her blonde locks.

“What’s bothering you, Mav?”

I shake my head side to side. “Nothing.”

“Then how about you lay back down with me?”

“I need to get an early start with Merek and Challis’s reception today.”

Yes, Granddad finally convinced the two assholes to have a wedding reception on the ranch. It’s something he wanted. He even sat Marvel and myself down and told us he’d whip our asses if we eloped. He explained he only let Merek do it because he knew Merek would do whatever in the hell he wanted.

Cold air sweeps across my back as Ella falls back onto the bed. I twist to see her covering her front with the sheet, and a sad look covers her face.

“I get it.”

“Ella,” I yell, standing and dragging my hands through my hair. “What in the hell are we doing here?”

She shrugs, with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I love you, Maverik.”

“You don’t love me. You love being with me and what we used to be, but you’ll have no problem hopping in that fancy sports car of yours in one week and bolting from me once again.” My fist goes straight through the drywall.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see her jump back further on the bed and feel like an even bigger asshole, if that’s possible. Staring down at her bright blue eyes, I realize I’m already gone and have no chance of survival with Ella back in town.

I drop to my knees on the side of the bed, grip her thighs, and tug her toward me until she’s straddling my torso. Tears stream down her face and she does her best to hide them from me with her long hair.

“I’m sorry.” I tilt her chin up. “Ella, let’s just focus on the reception today.”

She takes a moment to gain her composure before she speaks. “Who says I’m leaving this time?”

“Nothing keeping you here.”

Her hand touches my bare chest and then drifts over to my beating heart. “I want this, Maverik.”

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