Rough to Ride(6)

By: Justine Elvira

And really, what do I care because the minute his dick slides into me, I'm in pure heaven. I need this. It's been too long since I had a good sexual encounter, and the way Maverick fills me on his first thrust pretty much guarantees that his dick is powerful.

He lifts me slightly by my ass until only the head of his cock is in me, then quickly lowers me back down as he thrusts into me hard.

"We're not gonna fuck on my bike. I just need you to feel what you would've missed if you'd have ditched me a second ago." He pulls out and then thrusts back in again, and I swear I see stars in my peripheral vision because of how deep he goes.

"Now you're gonna get up, move behind me, and ride bitch. Your legs are gonna straddle my bike and you'll push in close to me, so close your pussy's gonna rub against my ass as you feel the vibrations of the engine underneath you."

I'm listening to him. I swear I am, but after every few words he pulls his long, thick cock out of me and thrusts back in, and I swear I go deaf for a second, while I try to readjust to his size. It's not my fault, really. He just feels too good.

"Then, babe, we're going to ride to my compound, I'm going to take you to my room and you're not gonna want to leave. You'll have to leave, because, darling, this ain’t the start of a relationship. I already got an old lady, but I'll show you how a real man fucks and then you can go out and find a real man of your own."

He thrusts inside me one last time before lifting me up and off his cock. My pussy instantly misses him. It's like my body is one giant puzzle and the last piece has been missing for all twenty-eight years of my life. I've looked fucking everywhere for it and then this man, this stranger who picks me up on the side of the road, fills me with his cock and it's the perfect missing piece.

I know he has an old lady and I know I have Johnny, but a part of me, no not a part, all of me, wants him to be the real deal. I know nothing about him except for his name, but I want him.

Shit. Shit. Shit. I want him.


We've been on the road for a few minutes. My hair's flapping in the wind, my dress is up to my waist, but my arms are wrapped so tightly around Maverick and I'm not going to let go to fix my dress because I have a fear of falling off.

The pavement in front of us is uneven, so we've hit a few potholes here and there. We hit a large one and my ass barely lifts off the bike, but it's enough to freak me out. I shift my hands to get a better grip on him when one of my hands brushes against something, and it isn’t his stomach. I hesitantly move my hand again to see what it is and that’s when I realize it's his cock. He never tucked himself back in his pants before riding off to his compound.

I can't see him, but the thought of his dick being aired out in the wind, how if we were to pass another vehicle they could see his impressive length, is making me extremely horny. My pussy is soaking his leather seat.

I can’t stop myself. I keep one hand tightly around his torso as I move my right hand, my dominant hand, to his exposed cock. I wrap my fingers around him until I am fisting his length, and I start to pump.

I can’t hear Maverick over the sound of the wind racing across my ears, I can’t see his face since my left cheek is smashed against the leather cut on his back, but I feel the change. His back stiffens, his butt cheeks clench, and his dick gets impossibly harder.

I do mean impossibly. His dick could cut through steel.

He is so long and thick. I’ve never felt a dick so huge. My thumb can't even reach the tips of my fingers. I continue to stroke him as he rides down the single lane road. After every ten or so strokes I briefly stroke my thumb over the head of his cock and am rewarded with the smallest amount of pre-cum. I continue stroking for several minutes and just before we turn off the main road, I feel a rumble in his chest before my hand is coated in his cum.

I'm high. Maverick releasing on my hand has filled my body with endorphins. I feel like I just ran a marathon, or swam the English Channel, or won the Super Bowl. I just gave this man a hand job while he rode his bike... and it was hot.

Beat that Old Lady.

I have nowhere to wipe his cum, but that's okay. I gently pull on his cock and tuck him back into his boxers and jeans. Then I zip him up with one hand, but I'm unable to button the top of his jeans with my cum-free hand.