Rough to Ride(5)

By: Justine Elvira

I'm mesmerized by his actions and how comfortable he seems in this situation. Like he finger fucks stranded women regularly on the side of the road.

My heart starts to beat faster as his hands lower back down to my thighs and he leans in to whisper huskily in my ear.

"I spotted you from afar, sitting on the hood of your car like a fucking wet dream. Why don't you hop on the back of my bike and I'll take you somewhere where I can show you a really good time."

My skin scorches from the light pressure he is applying to my inner thighs. I've never done anything like this before. Should I take him up on his offer? What about Johnny?

As if this mystery man can sense my indecision, he leans in closer and licks my earlobe, sucking on it before releasing the tender skin. His mouth lowers and his lips brush against that spot. You know the spot? The spot that has a direct line to my throbbing center and makes me instantly horny. It gets me every time.

"Hmm," I moan.

"Is that a yes, darling?"

"But I... I don't even know your name. I don't even know you," I pant as his hands drift up the inside of my dress. It's probably a little late for my conscious to make an appearance. Especially since I had no problem letting him help me reach climax.

As his hands caress upwards, he brings my dress along with him. Before I can stop him my dress is pulled up to my stomach and his hands reach under to cup my tits. This is the first time I can fully appreciate the fact that I'm wearing a dress that doesn't allow me to wear a bra.

"You don't need to know me, sweetheart, but since you're so hard up for details I'll spare a few. My name's Maverick, my old lady's not gonna come after you with a shotgun, and I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for days. Is that enough info for you?"

His old lady? I thought that was just talk you saw in the movies.

Maverick brings his lips down on mine, persuading me to hop on the back of his bike with his mouth. Just as I'm about to strip him of all his clothing right here on my car, his lips release mine and he tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth. He takes a step back and visually undresses me with his eyes.

"So what's the verdict, sweetheart? You’re wasting my time."

I look him over once more. I've never seen a more ruggedly handsome man in my life. I want to pull on his light brown locks of hair, while I grind my pussy on his face as he eats me clean.

Well, I guess I have my answer.

"Let's go."

I hop off the hood of my beater and lower my dress so that I'm decent. Maverick smiles wickedly at me before walking over to his bike and getting on. I follow behind him, but go still once I'm just a few inches away from him.

I've never ridden a bike before and I'm in a dress.

"Don't chicken out now, babe. You've got no choice. You agreed to this, I'm hard as a rock, and the way I see it is you're the only one whose going to take care of it, but don’t worry I'll take care of you, too."

His arm comes out to wrap around my waist and he pulls my body towards him, lifting me off the ground and over the front of the bike. I’m forced to spread my legs and straddle the bike while facing him.

Hmm. How the hell is he going to ride if I'm between him and his view of the road?

He uses his arm to pull me closer. "Wrap your legs around me, baby."

I don’t question him. It’s like my brain and my body are working together and know to do whatever he tells me because he will make me feel so good.

My legs wrap around him and now my barely covered pussy is covering his jean-covered dick, and I can feel how hard he is underneath me.

What are we going to do now?

His feet stand firmly on each side of the bike, keeping us upright as his hand comes under my dress... again. But instead of touching me, he unbuttons his jeans and lowers the zipper.

As he moves to release his cock from its denim restriction, Maverick's knuckles brush against my clit and I let out an involuntary moan. His eyes never leave mine as he smiles at me and I feel the head of his cock slap my cleanly shaven mound. His hands move under my ass and he lifts me, sliding my thong to the side, and quickly impales me on his dick.

No warning. No, "We're gonna fuck now." He doesn't even ask permission, not that he needed to. I already pretty much gave him the keys to my castle.