Hot SEALs:Revealing Love

By: Maryann Jordan


When I began the journey of becoming an author, I had two close friends that I confided in and shared my dreams. This book is dedicated to Myckel Anne Phillips and Tammie Neubert. Both women share my passion, my writing, my life, and my heart. So ladies, here to many more years as friends and stories to read!

Chapter 1


(Eighteen months ago)

The backyard party was in full swing and, in typical SEAL fashion, a strange mixture of anything and everything. Some of the men played volleyball off to the side of the yard while others manned the grills. The scent of hamburgers and steaks filled the air. The wives and girlfriends placed the food out onto the tables while some of the married men kept an eye on the kids running around playing. Several of the single men brought dates who stood around nervously looking at the abundance of testosterone. The parties served as a way for the SEALs to unwind in between missions and for friends and families to celebrate and bond.

Jude Stedson came stag, not wanting to bring a girl to one of the group’s parties. Most of his pickups were at the bars near the Naval Amphibious Base. Girls flocked there by the droves, prowling and hoping to snag a SEAL—whether for a night or husband hunting. Tall, muscular, with curly, sandy hair only tamable with his military haircut, he was careful to let them know one night with him was all they would get. He had no problem finding beautiful, willing women ready to take just what he offered.

Looking around at the usual crowd, he nodded toward friends and smiled at a few of the single women before walking toward the volleyball game, already jerking his shirt off.

Then she walked in. Beautiful. A girl-next-door kind of beauty that would make every man wish to be her neighbor. Her blue eyes were enormous, set off by her long auburn hair pulled away from her face with a scarf rolled into a headband. Wearing an emerald green sundress held up with little straps, she looked fresh as spring compared to the nameless women from the bars. The dress’ tight bodice hugged her breasts before flaring out at her hips and down to just above her knees. As his eyes continued south, they moved from her toned legs down to her pink-tipped toenails encased in little strappy sandals.

He stopped in his tracks, halting the process of pulling his shirt up over his chest, as his eyes locked onto her like a heat-seeking missile. Gazing from the top of her shiny hair down over her luscious body right down to her sandaled feet, he slowly perused back toward her face. Her eyes met his at the same time and he sucked in a gulp of air just to keep standing. Then he looked to her side.

She was on the arm of another SEAL. Bart something. Taggart. Yeah, Bart Taggart. Jesus, what a lucky bastard to have her on his arm.

He could not break the bro-code, which meant there was no way he could interfere with another SEAL’s date. Determined to see if they were actually dating, or just a pick-up, he moved forward. She doesn’t look like the type for a pick-up, but then Taggart’s not exactly known for hanging around the next morning after a fuck either.

She gazed up at him as he approached and the shy smile on her face caused his chest to clench. Her expression gave him the green light. Can’t hurt to see how attached they are.

Greeting Bart, he held his breath to see how the girl would be introduced. If he says “date”, then I’ll discreetly find out if she’s interested. If he says “girlfriend”, then I’m screwed.

As Bart introduced her as his cousin, Jude knew he had won the lottery and hustled to get to her side before any of the other unattached SEALs discovered her availability.

She smiled up at him as Bart made the introductions. Sabrina. Absolutely fuckin’ beautiful name for an absolutely fuckin’ beautiful woman. Jude noticed the pointed stare Bart sent his way, so he returned a quick nod before Bart moved over to others at the party.

“What was that all about?” she asked, looking at the retreating back of her cousin, wondering what secret message had passed between the two.

Jude grinned as he steered her over to the side of the yard so they could talk privately. “What you witnessed was just non-verbal communication between brothers.” Seeing the unasked question on her face as she cocked her head to the side, he explained. “He was warning me to treat you like a lady and I was letting him know that was exactly what I was going to do.”