Rescuing His Heart

By: Melanie Shawn


Genevieve lounged back against the motel room pillows, her raven-black hair cascading over the white cotton of the pillowcase, basking in the glow of a little afternoon delight. She stretched her arms over her head, as content as a cat in sunlight.

Across the room, Gavin Valentine pulled his boxer briefs up over his finely sculpted ass, and she gave a low wolf-whistle. “Damn, boy. Your glutes get harder every time I see you. That military regimen agrees with your booty.”

He gave her a tight smile over his shoulder. That didn’t bother her. He played his emotions close to the vest. His smiles were always tight. But, then again, so was his body, and since that’s what she was using him for, it worked out.

She and Gavin had been hooking up since they were in high school. At first she’d wanted to keep it a secret because he was a year behind her and dating a lowerclassman would’ve damaged her cool-girl cred. Then, she was off to college, so it became a summers-and-breaks thing. By the time she graduated, he’d been off to the military, so it was a when-he-was-home-on-leave thing.

In the end, it just seemed like too much trouble to get everyone else involved in their business, so they kept it under wraps. She hadn’t even told her best friend.

Oh, Lord! Can you imagine what Ella would think? Sweet, adorable Ella? In her mind, we’d be walking down the aisle by the end of summer!

Besides, she liked it this way. She smiled to herself, thinking about it. It was so hot. No strings, no responsibilities, no attachments, no feelings… just this torrid, undercover affair only the two of them knew about.

She feasted her eyes on him as he dressed across the room, taking note of his finer points. Thick, full brown hair. Sculpted jaw. Deep brown eyes. Broad, muscular shoulders. Six-pack abs…

Her skin flushed, and a distinctive heat grew between her legs, even though they’d just finished.

Mmmm. Sexy Thoughts About Gavin – 1, Refractory Period – 0.

“So, how long are you in town this time?” she purred, getting herself even more worked up. “I could stand to do this once or twice more before your leave is up. Or ten.”

Gavin turned to face her as he buttoned his shirt, and then replied in a casual tone, as if he weren’t dropping a bomb that would blow up her whole world. “Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m not on leave.”

She barked out a laugh. “So, what? Are you AWOL? On the run from the MPs? I’m not going to jail for you, just FYI. I’ll sing like a canary.”

He shook his head. “No. Not AWOL. I’m out. I’m back for good.”

Chapter 1

“Gavin! Oh my God, hi!”

Pride filled Gavin’s chest at the excitement in his little sister Mila’s voice. Being the kind of man the kid could look up to was important to him. It meant he was living with honor, and hearing her thrilled greetings when he walked through the door was one of his favorite things.

Of course, now that he couldn’t fly anymore, he hoped there’d still be something there for her to be proud of. He was having a little trouble finding something. Maybe she could.

He walked into the front room of his brother Troy’s house and gave Mila a hug. When their parents had died when she was only five, Troy had stepped up. Gavin gave him a ton of credit for that. He’d made sacrifices – like leaving his pro baseball career and moving home to Valentine Bay.

Gavin had been in the military at the time. He couldn’t have moved home even if he’d wanted to. Choices like that weren’t his to make. He’d signed those rights away when he’d signed his enlistment papers.

However, the thing he couldn’t quite admit to himself was he’d been glad it hadn’t been an option. He liked his life of zero commitments and zero responsibilities. Giving it up would’ve been hard as hell, and he was just grateful Troy had done it… so he didn’t have to.

“Bye, Gavin! See you later!”

No sooner had she given him a lightning quick hug and a kiss on the cheek than she was slipping past him out the door and bopping down the walkway, waving at him over her shoulder without even looking back.

He scowled. “Where’s she going?” he asked his brother. “It’s almost dark.”