Reborn - alternate ending (The Born Trilogy Book 4)(7)

By: AE Watson

I laugh in his face, “A crazy girl. Why else would I be with you?”

He looks savage but he starts laughing too, “God dammit, Em. Put the damned ring on your damned finger.”

I open my hand, “You friggin’ do it.”

He snatches it, shoves it on my finger, and kisses me hard. I melt into it, pushing him back onto the cold grass. I smother him in kisses, muttering into his lips, “I want that guitar back.”

He laughs in my mouth, and we do something in the field that people shouldn’t do. It’s wrong but we don’t care.

Chapter Seventeen

Two years later

I look at the rock pile and smile. "Meg, I used to think there was two kinds of love. One kind of love that burns so hot that it burns out before you get a chance to enjoy it. The other love is one that lifts you and makes you better than you were before. Now I think they are two sides of the same coin. My Granny used to say that and I never got it, not until now. Now I see what she meant." I grin and shake my head. "I know you always said Will was the right person for me, I have to agree. You knew me better than anyone. You were right. We got married a few months ago, and I don’t feel any different. It feels weird being a wife to someone, I have to say, that was a surprise. But personally, I still look like me and feel like me. I wish you were here, that’s the only thing. I miss you, Sister."

I look down at the diamond ring on my left hand as I brush the leaves off of the pile. The warmth of the spring sun is intense, as it always is.

I cross my legs when I sit back down and ball a dried leave up. "So Anna and Nick; I bet you woulda seen that one coming. I never did, but you always saw more than me. The wedding tree has had four weddings under it now. Not sure if you were watching or not, but it was nice, and it made the village brighten up for a few weeks. We’ve created a celebration for weddings, feasts, dances, and fun. We have fun. Who knew we could?" I look up into the sun and sigh. "I have to go, but I'll be back in a little while." Leo gets up with me and stretches. I run my hands through his fur and smile. "You're getting too old for these trips."

He gives me his annoyed look and saunters over to where Will, Jake, and Mitch are talking and pointing. I can see Leo’s hips are getting old. I am not sure what I'll do when he gets too old to be Leo anymore. I don’t want to think about that.

Jake smiles when he sees me. "How's Meg?"

I shrug. "I think she gets lonely. I wish we could move her and the rose bush to our house."

Will shakes his head. "I like that she's here; I always think Bernie is too." His eyes are icy and emotional. The next day we are getting ready to go to the retreat because summer is coming. Mitch is going to stay at the mansion to discuss the possibility of the use of Bernie’s house as a market. It’s all Star has been thinking about, unsure if it’s the right choice for her brother’s land. It’s why we are at the mansion. That—and to chat with Meg.

Mitch shrugs. "If we let them put a trade market here, we will have more access to fruit. I think it's crazy not to do it."

Star walks from the back of the property, past all the charred rubble. It's her decision and we all know it. Bernie’s house is her house.

Star loops her arm into Mitch's. "Fine, but the rose bush and the grave are untouchable, and not negotiable."

Mitch smiles and kisses the side of her face. "I'll let them know. I'll meet you guys at the retreat?"

I glance up at Will. He nods. "Yup. We just have to pick up Sarah and we're heading there."

I nod and climb onto my horse. Leo stretches. Will bends down, picking him up, and laying him across the saddle of my horse, “Hang on to him.” I nod but Leo gives me an uncertain look. I stroke his muzzle, “It’s okay, boy. Maybe just part of the ride, huh?” I can see that he’s too old to argue.

Jake looks worried, “How old do wolves get?”

I shake my head, “He’s old by wolf years.” I rub behind his ears, “But he’s still young to me.” I nudge the horse and we start. Leo’s eyes stay on mine; he doesn’t stray and look around. He looks at me. He trusts me, to an extent, this is that extent. When we get half way, he’s done. I halt the horse and Will gets him off of the saddle.