Out of My Element(6)

By: Taryn Plendl

I wrote her a note. Fucking beautiful Nick, what are we in second grade now? I let a small laugh escape, thinking of Trevor’s face this morning, as I stood on his doorstep with an envelope, begging him to deliver it for me. I shook my head and swung back around. I sighed. Yep, those damn folders multiplied while my back was turned.


I had barely planted my butt in the seat before the two couples swarmed me like vultures on a carcass. They must have been sitting here planning their attack before I arrived, because it was calculated and precise.

“Enough is enough. You need to shed some light on the situation with Chelsea.” Trevor was serious, and I knew it was because he and Ava genuinely cared about Chelsea. It was obvious that there was an issue between us.

I groaned. It was going to come out eventually; I needed to just lay it all out on the table, so to speak. Maybe they would have some advice on how to dig myself out of the hole I’d put myself in. “Fine. I fucked up … bad.” I looked at the faces of my friends. Yep, no shock there. Apparently they expected this kind of behavior from me.

“I kissed Chelsea at the wedding. Actually it was more than just a kiss; I pretty much devoured her on the dance floor, and then I invited her home with me.”

“Oh crap, Nick, please tell me you didn’t sleep with her.” Ava closed her eyes waiting for me to drop the ball.

“Actually I didn’t.” She was so visibly relieved that I laughed, but I was about to squash that relief to hell. “I didn’t actually remember it all until last night when I caught wind of her hair. It was lavender and vanilla, I think,” I totally digressed, remembering the sweet smell.

Tom cleared his throat. “Stay on task, Nick.” Spoken just like a teacher.

“Well, the smell of her hair totally triggered the memory of what happened during my drunken state that night at the wedding. I made out with her, invited her home with me and then somehow took another woman home instead,” I blurted out, tired of keeping them in suspense.

“Wow, Nick. I’ve met quite a few pricks in my lifetime, but you my friend, are the freaking cactus.” Talia shook her head at me. “Apparently your douche-baggery levels are at an all time high this week.”

“Take it easy on your high horse, Talia … I’m pretty sure you don’t even know how to ride.” I glared at her. She and I had a love/hate relationship. She called me out on my shit, and I usually deserved it, but I was beating myself up enough about this, and I didn’t need it from her tonight.

“So what happened last night when you left the restaurant? Did you talk to her?” Trevor asked.

“Yeah, but the situation is so screwed up that I’m not sure I can even fix it. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t ever want to speak to me again.” I shrugged.

“Why did you do it, Nick? I don’t mean any harm, but she isn’t your type at all,” Ava asked as she took a drink, waiting for my answer.

She was right. Chelsea wasn’t typically my type, but hell if I couldn’t get her gorgeous red hair, pale skin and pouty lips out of my mind now. “I was drunk, Ava. You know me; I do stupid things when I’m drunk.” That didn’t come out quite right. I groaned, “Listen, I don’t regret kissing her, really I don’t. It was phenomenal actually, but I do regret that I hurt her, and now I can’t stop thinking about her. I need help; I need to make this right.” I pleaded as I watched their faces soften—even Talia’s.

“Ask her out on a date.” Tom suggested.

“A date?” Holy hell, I can’t remember taking anyone on a date in years. I didn’t date, I just hooked up, and I didn’t lead women on. They were all well aware of my intentions before anything happened. Well, usually anyway.

A date? Did I want to do that? Yeah. Yeah, I think I did. “Okay, but how do I do that?” I was serious, and even though Trevor and Tom didn’t bat an eye at that question, Ava and Talia’s eyes went wide.

“You can’t be serious, Nick. You haven’t taken anyone out on a date?” Talia was still staring at me in shock.

“No, actually I haven’t. Not since Prom, and even then, she asked me.” I confessed.