No Contest (Alaskan Sabears #1)(5)

By: Becca Van

“What’s wrong?” Tarik stopped at the bottom of the steps to the clinic.

Tammy glanced from Tarik to Hodge and frowned before shaking her head and hurrying inside to the clinic.

“My sabear’s acting up and from how your eyes are glowing, yours is, too.”

Tarik nodded. “When Serge had his hands on Tammy’s friend, my inner beast wanted to tear him apart. My sabear’s feeling very possessive right now.”

“Mine, too.” Hodge scrubbed a hand over his face and tilted his head back to look up at the sky.

“You have any idea why our inner animals are acting this way?” Tarik frowned.

“There’s only one hypothesis that I can think of.” Hodge crossed his arms over his chest.

Tarik stared intently at Hodge. A slow smile curved his lips up and then he grinned outright at the same time as his best friend.

“Mate!” they said simultaneously.

“Let’s go find out.” Tarik skipped the stairs and stepped up onto the porch. He sucked in a calming breath and tried to push his beast back down. If Celeste was awake he didn’t want her seeing his glowing eyes or scare her if his sabear started growling.

He was hopeful that Tammy’s friend was the woman he and his beast had been waiting for. He just wasn’t sure how his sister was going to take the news. And if she was, how the hell was he going to explain to a human woman that they were shifters, let alone a mixed-hybrid shifter derived from the legendary extinct saber-toothed tiger and a polar bear?

Chapter Two

Celeste groaned as she surfaced to consciousness. Her whole body was aching, but it was the agony in her head that was making her feel ill. She could hear several deep voices talking as if they were a long way off, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“Celeste, can you open your eyes for me?”

She frowned at the stranger’s voice but even though he’d asked a question, his tone was more of a command. She forced her lids up and gasped when pain shot into her head, exacerbating the pounding drumbeat inside of her skull. Her vision was slightly blurry and even though she blinked a few times her eyesight didn’t clear.

“I’m Serge Moss. Do you feel sick, have blurry vision?”

“Yes, to both.”

Serge frowned. “Pain anywhere else?”

“Everywhere.” Celeste sighed and closed her eyes again. It was too much of a strain to keep them open, and having them shut lessened the pain in her head slightly. “Where am I? What happened?”


She blinked her eyes open at the sound of a familiar voice and tears of happiness burned her eyes when she saw Tammy.

“Tammy? What are you doing…oh shit!” Celeste groaned, and clutched at her head as her memory returned in a rush. “Jarvis! Is the pilot okay?”

“He’s going to be fine.” Tammy moved closer and pulled Celeste’s hands away from her head. “Jarvis has a concussion the same as you and a broken arm, but he’ll make a full recovery.”

“Thank God.”

“I’m so glad you’re here.” Tammy clasped one of her hands. “I’m just sorry about the plane crash.”

“S’okay,” Celeste slurred. She was so tired all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep for a week. She knew that was a symptom of her concussion and hoped that it wouldn’t take her too long to get back to normal.

“I’m going to give you a shot for the headache,” Serge said.

Celeste nodded and then groaned, wishing she’d answered verbally when her head pounded harder. She flinched when a cold antiseptic wipe swabbed her arm and then she felt a slight prick in her flesh as Serge injected her with the medicine. She sighed when the pain was alleviated almost instantly and she felt as if she was floating, the aches in her body dissipating and then a weightless feeling had her giggling.

“Celeste?” Tammy’s voice drew her attention.

She lifted her heavy eyelids and even though her vision was still blurry she couldn’t miss the two gigantic men standing on either side of her best friend. Her gaze wandered up over a slim waist to a thick barrel-shaped chest, broad shoulders, and handsomely rugged face. She eyed the short, dark scruff on his square manly jaw, lingered on surprisingly full perfectly bowed lips, over a straight nose and met startling green eyes. He towered head and shoulders over Tammy and was so muscular he reminded her of a linebacker. She had the oddest urge to reach out to him.