No Contest (Alaskan Sabears #1)

By: Becca Van

Alaskan Sabears 1: No Contest

Celeste “Celestial” Marsden is a supermodel and is being stalked. She sees the creepy man following her at every photo shoot and even suspects he’s been in her hotel room while she was working. When she gets an invite to visit her college friend Tamara Parks, Celeste jumps at the chance.

Tarik Parks and Hodge Holmes have been best friends since they were young kids and do everything together. The moment Tarik carries his sister’s friend from the plane wreck, he and Hodge know that Celeste is their mate. However, they’re not sure they’ll be able to convince the famous supermodel to give up a life of glitz and glamor to be with them on a cold, desolate island. But that’s not their only fear. Most of the men living on St. Lawrence Island are shifters.

How are they supposed to tell their mate that they can transform into an animal that is a mix of a polar bear and the extinct saber-toothed tiger?


To all my wonderful, loyal readers,

Even though I haven’t been on Facebook or interacted in the last twelve months or so, you are all in my heart.

The last year, or more, has been very difficult for me because I’ve been rather ill. Some days and months, it has been a struggle for me to write—not because I find my job boring or tedious, but because I’ve been so unwell. However, I’ve pushed through and am praying I’m on the road to recovery.

I actually love writing, love to see my characters developing and becoming real people in my imagination.

Hopefully, 2017 will be a better year for all of us with more peace in the world.

Stay healthy and never take your family for granted, since they are our backbone and what life is all about.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.


Becca. xxoo

Chapter One

Celeste dug her nails harder into the arms of her seat. She was a seasoned flyer, but even she was scared shitless as her pilot flew through the turbulent storm. The small plane was being buffeted by strong wings and just as she hoped the pilot had managed to level the charter plane out, it was tossed almost onto its side.

Her stomach roiled and for the first time since she’d left her home base of Seattle, she wished she’d never told her college friend, Tamara, she was coming for a visit.

“You doing okay back there?” Jarvis, the pilot asked.

She swallowed around the sick lump in her throat and finally managed to answer, “Yeah.”

“There are airsick bags in the pocket of the seats if you need one.”

Celeste hoped like hell she wouldn’t need it, but dug around in the pocket of the seat in front of her and pulled the sealed bag out. She ripped open the thin plastic and tugged at the sick bag until it lengthened. Just in case.

She was so tired, her eyes felt gritty and her eyelids were heavy, but there was no way in hell she’d be able to sleep as the plane bucked and swayed.

Celeste startled in her seat so hard that if she hadn’t been wearing a seat belt, she probably would have ended up on the floor, and on her ass. She glanced toward the pilot but with his back to her, she couldn’t see his expression. What made her look out the window toward the wing and propeller engine, she’d never know, but when she saw the fire and smoke shooting out, she knew they were in trouble.

She’d jumped at the chance to visit Tammy when her friend extended an invitation to come to her home, thinking she’d be safe for the first time in months after living in fear for so long. Looked as if fate was testing her. She’d never expected to end up on a damaged plane while trying to escape her creepy stalker. She snorted and pushed him from her mind as she stared at the fire and smoke spewing from the engine.

As if in slow motion, she turned back toward the pilot and saw him talking into the radio, but the wind from the storm was too loud for her to hear what he was saying. She looked out her window again, trying to spot her destination—St. Lawrence Island, west of Mainland Alaska—but all she saw was ocean. But considering the plane was tilted to one side—her side—that was to be expected. She glanced back just as Jarvis turned to look at her. She felt all the blood drain from her face when she saw how pale he was. Her heart stopped mid beat and missed another before slamming painfully against her sternum. A cold sweat broke out all over her body, causing her to tremble and shiver. Even though she was panting, she couldn’t seem to fill her lungs enough.