Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)(9)

By: Becca Van

Ty leaned forward and she licked her lips in preparation of having his mouth on hers again, but he zeroed in on her breasts instead. Nicole gasped when he swiped his tongue over the sensitive aching bud and then moaned when he pulled it into his mouth and suckled firmly. She jolted and arched her chest all while trying to pull her hands free from the shirt that bound her. He released her nipple with a pop and then licked his way over to her other breast.

“Hmm,” Ty hummed against her flesh, and she shivered as the vibration sent a spark of electricity shooting from her chest straight down to her clit. His moist breath caressed her nipple just before he enclosed his lips around the turgid peak. He caged the hardened tip between his teeth, applying enough pressure to cause a little bite of pain and had her gasping before he flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over the top of it.

Nicole arched her neck and cried out, only becoming aware that her eyes were closed when she realized she couldn’t see anything. She lowered her head and lifted her eyelids and her breath caught in her throat when she saw Rand and Brom standing behind Ty, watching what he did to her. But having them watch her and Ty didn’t embarrass her at all, it only made the fire inside her burn brighter.

Ty’s hands skimmed down her sides and then she felt him slip his fingers under the elastic of her panties and then he was pulling them down her legs and off over her feet.

Rand fisted his hard cock through his boxer shorts and she gasped when she saw the outline of his erect penis and he began to stroke up and down the length. She focused back on Ty when he pushed her knees apart and moved in between her now splayed thighs. Her pussy clenched and moisture dripped from her hole and then trickled down to coat her ass.

Ty shifted again until he covered her body with his and slanted his mouth over hers. Her eyes slid closed as he kissed her wildly, their tongues sliding against each other and then he licked and nipped, exploring every bit of her mouth. When he lifted his head, they were both breathing heavily and her heart was thundering inside her chest.

“I have to taste you, babe,” Ty panted.

That was the only warning she got. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, pulled her until her ass was on the edge of the sofa, and then pushed her legs apart and up until she was splayed wide open. Her pussy was in blatant view and even though she felt vulnerable at being on display, she was also aching to have him fill her cunt. Her clit was throbbing and felt ten times its normal size, and she wondered if she would survive such pleasure. The first lick of his tongue made her cry out and she tried to buck up against him to relieve the interminable, pleasurable ache inside her.

Ty sucked and slurped her pussy, causing more cream to drip out. She sobbed when he shoved his tongue inside her. When more hands landed on her body, she snapped her eyes open to see Brom and Rand looking at her with glittering hungry eyes.

Rand cupped her cheek and turned her toward him and kissed her with a carnality that had her trying to thread her hands into his hair to hold his mouth to hers, but her wrists were still bound together and her arms trussed up over her head. His tongue swept inside and tasted every inch of her from the roof of her mouth, over her teeth, inside her bottom lip and back to slide against her tongue.

Brom cupped a breast and then sucked a nipple into his mouth, laving it with the tip of his tongue and then scraping the edge of his teeth over it. Rand released her mouth and then he began to pay homage to her other breast with his lips, teeth, and tongue.

Ty growled against her pussy, licked up through her wet labia, and pressed his tongue against her clit. She squealed and bucked as sensation after sensation swamped her, but then they moved their hands and held her down so she could hardly move.

Nicole felt controlled and dominated but also fragile and feminine at how easily they contained her movement. She loved feeling helpless because it seemed to turn her on even more. Ty flattened his tongue and swiped it over her engorged pearl eliciting another squeak as pleasure assailed her. When he lifted his head, she couldn’t prevent her groan of disappointment that he had stopped.

Brom and Rand also removed their mouths from her breasts and sat with their hands on her ribs and hip, as if waiting for something. Ty had an arm wrapped around one of her thighs and the other hand was spread wide over her lower abs with his long fingers touching the top of her mound.