Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)(8)

By: Becca Van

Nicole bowed her neck more so that her hair covered part of her face as she tried to hide the heat in her cheeks, but Ty obviously wasn’t about to let her get away with hiding from him. He reached over with his hand and firmly but gently gripped her chin until she was looking him in the eyes.

“God, you’re beautiful. You have no fucking idea how sexy you are, do you?”

Nicole shook her head slightly and although she tried to pull her gaze from his, she couldn’t seem to manage it. She felt as if she was drowning in those deep green pools and had no idea how to pull herself out of them.

Ty leaned closer and closer, until her vision blurred and she lowered her eyes to his lips. She watched them move as he spoke, yearning to feel those masculine lips on her own.

“You’re ours, Nicole. We aren’t going to let you keep us at arm’s length a moment longer.”

She opened her mouth to reply but the words died when his mouth covered hers.

Chapter Three

Nicole gasped when Ty pushed his tongue into her mouth and then she moaned as he slid it along hers. She felt herself falling into him and reached out with both hands until they landed on his rock-hard, muscular shoulders. His skin was warm beneath her hands and she could feel the muscles rippling under hers. And then she groaned as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up into his arms without breaking the kiss. She knew they were moving, but her eyelids were weighted with desire and she couldn’t open them to see where he was taking her. But moments later she didn’t need to.

She felt the cool leather against the back of her thighs and on her ass through her T-shirt when he lowered her to the sofa. Her hands moved over his shoulders, to his back, and she relished the sensation of his warm, brawny body beneath her own flesh. One of his hands left her waist and caressed up her side, brushing against the outside of her breast and then encompassed her whole globe. Nicole arched into his touch and groaned as he kneaded her breast. Then his hand moved and he took her hard nipple between thumb and finger and squeezed.

His mouth left hers and he kissed his way along her jaw over to her ear. She sobbed with desire when he nipped at her earlobe and then sucked it into his mouth. He released her flesh and she shivered as his breath caressed her skin.

“You are so fucking sexy, babe. I want to lick every delightful inch of you.”

Nicole mewled and arched her neck to give him better access when he began kissing his way down her skin. Her body heated from the inside out, and although she tried to keep quiet, she heard herself whimpering as he pulled the neck of the T-shirt down and licked over the top of her breasts. The hand on her nipple lifted and she cried out with frustration, digging her nails into the skin of his shoulders as she tried to clutch him closer, but he pulled back slightly and she looked up into his gaze.

“I want to taste you, Nicole. Will you let me put my mouth on you?”

Nicole was aware that she was panting heavily and no matter what she did, her breathing wouldn’t slow and neither would her racing heart. She didn’t want to speak in case she came across sounding too needy, although if he had pulled away from her and looked like he was going to leave the room, she didn’t think she would have been ashamed to beg. So instead of answering verbally she gave a slight nod and watched with awe as his lustful gaze turned downright hungry and determined. The look in his eyes turned her on even more but it also made her wonder what she was getting herself into. Those thoughts drifted away as Ty smoothed his callus-roughened fingers and palms up the outside of her legs, pushing the cotton material of the shirt she wore up with it.

Goose bumps broke out over her flesh but she held still and watched avidly as Ty bared her legs and pantie-covered crotch. His eyes moved over every inch of skin he exposed and he didn’t stop until he had pulled the shirt up and over her head. But instead of pulling it off all the way he managed to keep it on her shoulders with the shirt behind her head. Then he deftly twisted the cotton and tied it around her wrists. She was effectively shackled with her arms up above her head and her wrists secured in the soft fabric. After tugging a couple of times, she realized she was helpless and at Ty’s mercy, and for some reason that only made her desire for him hotter.