Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)(6)

By: Becca Van

“Yes, but she also asked the right questions. It hasn’t occurred to Nicole to question why we were in the right place at the right time.”

“You’re right again.” Brom sighed and halted at the bottom of the steps that led to their front door.

“We have to tell her soon.” Rand ran his fingers through his hair. “Every damn time I touch her I feel sparks of electricity shooting between us and I keep getting these visions of her naked between the three of us as we make love to her.”

“Shit,” Brom groaned. “I get that, too. I don’t touch her too long, otherwise I would be insane with lust by now. It’s already fucking hard—in more ways than one, pun intended—being near her without the added pressure of seeing and feeling how it would be with her.”

“It’s a catch-22, isn’t it? We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.”

“I couldn’t have put it any better myself, bro. Let’s go and get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully things will begin to look up with a new day.”

“God, I hope so,” Rand said quietly as he opened the front door. “It can’t get any fucking harder.”

Brom snorted when Rand adjusted his hard cock and then grimaced when he did the same.

Ty paced back and forth across his bedroom. He was going out of his fucking mind with lust for Nicole. Her image was forever imprinted on his mind, as was her scent. She was so little compared to him and his brothers and only stood at around five foot five, with her strawberry blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and creamy white skin. When he’d touched that skin for the first time, he was so damn scared he would bruise her baby softness and made sure to keep his grip on her light, but by God he’d wanted to strip her naked and run his hands over every gorgeous fucking inch of her. She wasn’t skin and bone like so many women out there who starved themselves. No, she was a healthy weight for her size with nice rounded hips, a lush muscular ass and her breasts were at least a luscious handful, if not more.

He’d tried everything he could to keep his libido under wraps, but nothing he did was working. His mind kept going back to the amazing kiss he had shared with Nicole not long ago, and he swore he could still feel her lips on his. So he woke early every morning and was out of the house before she rose from bed, out with the ranch hands, working his ass off, and didn’t make an appearance until it was time to go to the main house for dinner. But every time he was near Nicole, he was swamped with mixed emotions and lust. At first he’d thought it was his own arousal that was causing the trouble, but then he remembered how his team leaders had been able to connect with Sara-Jane’s emotions before they’d even met the woman and he wondered if he was somehow picking up on what Nicole was feeling.

It made sense, since he was damn sure that he wanted her in his life as well as his bed, so the confusing emotions he felt warring against each other had to be Nicole’s.

Ty felt bad over how he had restrained Nicole and tried to get her to answer Rand’s question, but as far as he was concerned in all relationships there had to be complete honesty. And there would be a relationship. It was just a matter of time. He was determined that she would end up in their bed and they would find a way to work their way into her heart, since she had already entrenched herself into his.

What worried him the most was how was he going to get her to seek them out? He wanted Nicole to like, no, love him for who he was. If he became too lenient while wooing her and then went back to his normal hard-ass self, there would no doubt be big problems.

Ty would just have to take one day at a time and hope to God that opportunities arose where he could touch Nicole more and get her used to his touch and dominant ways. The more he was around her hopefully the more comfortable she got. It was going to be hard on him since he couldn’t seem to block out all her emotions and because he walked around with a hard-on whenever she was nearby or whenever he thought of her, but that couldn’t be helped.

Some of the tension in his body eased, and with a sigh he rose to his feet and headed back out to the kitchen. He and his brothers needed a plan if they were going to circumvent the walls Nicole had erected. He just hoped that whatever they came up with worked.