Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)(50)

By: Becca Van

The warmth inside her felt like molten lava and her whole body began to shake as she hung on the precipice. Rand and Brom changed their tempos and surged into her at the same time. Then the coil snapped, sending her hurtling up the mountainside and off over the edge of the cliff. Her muscles convulsed, contracting and releasing over and over again, and all the while the two cocks in her ass and pussy shuttled fast in and out of her body. Just as the rapture began to wane, Rand reached down between their bodies and pinched her clit. She screamed as she flew again. Fluid gushed from her cunt, covering her thighs, Rand’s cock, and his lower stomach, and she thought the Earth quaked.

Brom thrust into her once more with a yell and froze. His cock pulsed inside her as he filled her with his cum. Rand gripped her hips, thrust up three more times, and he shouted as he, too, stilled and filled her with his essence.

Totally boneless and still quivering with aftershocks, Nicole slumped down on Rand and let her eyes drift closed. Never in her life had she expected to find three men to love or love her in return, but now that she was where she wanted to be, home with her heart so full, wrapped up in their love, she was never going to leave.

Brom shifted behind and gently withdrew from her ass. Her groan joined his and then she gave a squeak when he picked her up, pulling her off Rand.

“Hey,” Rand grouched, “I was enjoying holding our woman.”

“She needs a shower.” Brom kissed her temple and began walking toward the bathroom. “Don’t you, sugar?”

Nicole rested her head on his chest and nodded. “While I help our girl clean up, why don’t you two put some clean sheets on the bed.”

Ty and Rand grumbled but got up to do just that. When she and Brom had cleaned up and dried off, he carried her back into the bedroom and put her on the now-fresh linen. She was sitting up against the headboard with a pillow at her back. Brom knelt beside her and held her left hand. Ty and Rand had damp hair, so they must have cleaned up in the other bathroom.

Rand got onto the bed on her left side and Ty got on at her feet. Ty cleared his throat. “You mean everything to us, baby.”

“You are my every breath, sunshine,” Rand said in a deep emotional voice.

“We love you, sugar,” Brom rasped.

“Will you marry us?” the three men asked at the same time.

Nicole’s heart filled even more, if that was at all possible, and tears leaked out of her eyes and down her face.

“Since I’m the oldest, we decided that you would marry me in the eyes of the law, but in our hearts we will all be your husbands.”

“Yes! I would be honored to marry you all,” Nicole sniffed and clung to the hands holding hers.

Rand reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a small box. He opened it and she gasped. Inside was a one-carat diamond and gold engagement ring. Brom reached over, plucked the ring from the box, and placed it on her ring finger.

“I love you all so much,” she said hoarsely. “I can’t wait to marry you all.”

“Thank God,” her men replied, and she laughed as they all moved in and began kissing wherever they could.