Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)(2)

By: Becca Van

The hair on her nape stood on end as she handed out the drinks, but she made sure to keep away from the Bayhard brothers. Her flesh erupted into goose bumps which told her that at least one of them was once more watching her. After dispensing the mugs of coffee, she headed toward the kitchen without once looking back and hoped that the men wouldn’t realize how aware of them she really was. The last thing she wanted to do was to go back into the living room and sit with all of them.

Nicole was having a hard enough time of it trying to keep her simmering libido under wraps and had been told more than once by her friend Jill that she was as easy to read as an open book. She didn’t want them to know she was aroused by their attention. Nicole’s breasts were already swollen and her nipples achy but what astounded her more was that her pussy got wet and clenched as if begging to be filled, and that was only after being in their presence for a short stint. She was scared of the way the Bayhards made her feel and had no idea what to do about it or how to deal with it. She’d never really had a relationship and didn’t know how to handle the fact that three men were lusting after her.

Nicole wasn’t a virgin. She’d lost her virginity years ago when she’d had too much to drink one night at a party Jill had tugged her along to. She wasn’t proud of what she had done, in fact she had been very ashamed of losing her virginity in such a way, but she couldn’t go back and change the past. Nicole had urges just like everyone else, but when she had sex again she wanted it to mean something. She wasn’t about to jump into bed with any Tom, Dick, or Harry. She’d been taught to respect her body and had no plans of making a fool of herself again.

Her one and only encounter with sex had been painful, messy, and downright humiliating, and she wasn’t about to set herself up to be belittled again. Even though she had been inebriated, she remembered every demeaning moment of that experience and wasn’t too keen to rush into a physical relationship.

Nicole stared out of the kitchen window as she sipped her coffee. It was dark and she couldn’t really see anything, but she didn’t want to go into the living room. Sara was snuggled up between Hay and Dalt while Whit sat at her feet with his back resting against her shins. Prue was sitting in the corner of the sofa and looked like she was trying very hard not to touch Thorpe’s body in any way, since he sat next to her, while his brothers, Adam and Huntley, appeared to be watching the game but were really keeping an eye on Prudence.

Nicole all of a sudden felt closed in as sweat formed on her brow. After dumping the rest of her coffee down the sink, rinsing her cup, and putting it in the dishwasher, she walked toward the door and stepped out onto the wraparound veranda. Taking a few deep breaths of the cool, clean night air, she began to feel better and moved along the wooden deck until she was standing on the far end, staring into the distance. It was so peaceful out here in the middle of nowhere. She could envisage spending the rest of her life on this ranch and with the Bayhard men, but until she knew what they really wanted from her she wasn’t about to get herself into a situation where she could very well end up heartbroken.

Her body stiffened and her muscles tautened when she felt a slight vibration on the deck she was standing on. She had no idea who was behind her, but she wasn’t about to turn around to find out. All the men in the Elite Dragoons team walked silently and if she hadn’t felt that slight movement of the timber beneath her feet she wouldn’t have been aware that someone was approaching her. She drew in a deep breath when she felt heat at her back and knew by his unique spicy scent that it was Rand.

Rand was the quietest out of all three of the Bayhard brothers, and from what she had learned after living with them, he was also the most serious. He didn’t smile much or participate in a conversation unless he had something to say, which wasn’t often. He was the sort of man who liked to sit back and listen. It didn’t take much to picture him in her mind. His hair was cropped military short and was black but his eyes were a deep dark blue and she often had to physically wrench her gaze from his whenever they met. He was also the tallest, standing at a whopping six foot six, and also the brawniest of the three brothers. If he didn’t weigh three hundred pounds or close to, she would be surprised. His size and demeanor intimidated her, and even though she knew deep down in her heart he and the other two men would never hurt her, she still felt nervous around all three men. Maybe it was because she was very attracted to them and wasn’t sure what to do about it.