Nicole's Military Men (Elite Dragoons #2)

By: Becca Van

Nicole Maynard has been living with Ty, Rand, and Bromley Bayhard for the last couple of months on their cattle ranch in nowhere North Dakota. Although she has come to care for the three sexy, masculine men she tries to keep her feelings hidden. She doesn’t think they trust her and won’t give into their lustful stares.

It isn’t that Ty doesn’t trust Nicole, but he is worried how she will react when she finds out about their abilities and is determined to keep her at arm’s length, but his brothers are more than determined to have Nicole in their beds and hopefully, eventually in their hearts.

But danger comes to the ranch and Nicole is kidnapped while the men are away on a mission. Just as they think they will have her back in their arms, they realize that they are up against more than one foe.

Can good win over evil?


This book is dedicated to anyone needing to escape the realism of life for a while. Everyone needs to have a break now and then.

I hope you all enjoy reading the second book to my Elite Dragoons series as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am looking forward to writing number four.

Thank you for buying my book! Love Becca.

Chapter One

Nicole Maynard was aware of the three sets of male eyes watching her every move as she helped May in the kitchen of the main house of the Elite Dragoons Ranch, located in nowhere North Dakota, between the towns of Belcourt and Langdon, close to the Canadian border. She had been aware of the three tall, handsome men from the very first moment she met them.

Rand, Bromley, and Ty Bayhard, and the rest of the Elite Dragoons team, had rescued her and Sara-Jane Cantor virtually from the clutches of the Japanese Underworld criminals in the small rural town of Chadron, Nebraska. That had been nearly six weeks ago, and even though Nicole liked being around the three brothers, she hated that her life had been put on hold. But what she loathed more was that her best friend, Jill, still thought she was missing. But the black operatives team hadn’t wanted her or Sara to go back home until the criminals of the sex slave ring had been captured and the slavery operation had been busted wide open. Until then, Nicole was supposed to stay at their ranch. God knew how long that would be.

Sara had told her that all the Elite Dragoons and their CO, Tony Sullivan, as well as local authorities, the Japanese government, and the FBI had no idea if the Japanese Underworld Criminals had managed to infiltrate the United States. For all anyone knew, the villains had already set up cells around the country in preparation for kidnapping more innocent women to sell to the sick bastards placing orders for women with the same physical characteristics that had gotten her kidnapped, her blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Sara.

She shuddered with remembered fear as the images from the night she and Sara were rescued flashed through her mind. If it hadn’t been for the Elite Dragoons God only knew where she and Sara would have ended up or what they would have had to endure.

But Nicole was in a quandary. Ty, Rand, and Brom Bayhard had each kissed her before going off to rescue Prudence, a fellow escapee of the sex traffickers, and even though they had almost knocked her socks off, she wasn’t sure she could handle a relationship with three men. They had told her they were very attracted to her and wanted to share her, but she couldn’t see how a relationship between one woman and three men could work, plus she had no idea how long they wanted to keep her. Did they just want to slake their lust with her while she was staying with them, or were they looking for something a little more permanent? If it was the first, then there was no way in hell she was getting involved with them. She could just imagine what it would be like to have sex with three men and then have to try to pick up the pieces of a broken heart once they were done with her. Nicole already had feelings for them and if they ended up being intimate, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she fell for them.

None of the Bayhard brothers had said or done anything else to make her feel uncomfortable in their presence and for that she was grateful, but she was always aware of them when they watched her or were nearby.

After the dishes were done, Nicole and Sara helped May make the coffee and then began taking the drinks into the living room. The twelve men were sprawled around the two large sectional sofas, currently watching a baseball game on the massive flat screen TV.