Nectar:The Nectar Series 1

By: D.D. Prince

Book 1 – The Nectar Series

From the author:

NOTE: This paranormal romance is probably not for the squeamish. There’s dubious consent, some rough sex, and blood. A lot of blood. Some blood-related scenes might be disturbing. There’s also sex. Did I say there’s sex already? Okay, well there’s a lot of sex. And blood mixed with sex. Some of it is very sexy. Some of it…well…I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This book is the fictional product of the author’s potentially warped imagination. Any resemblance to things living, dead, or otherwise is unintentional.

This book also has a cliff-hanger.

See, while I got a lot of positive feedback on my first released book, The Dominator, due to the fact that it was long but a complete story, this book was already written when that was released. I felt a little guilty about the cliffy after so many told me they loved that The Dominator wasn’t split into multiple books but the plan for Nectar was already in motion so I warn you in advance, hoping you’ll understand and be as excited about book #2 as I am.

Book #2 is in progress and I will do my best to get it released as quickly as possible (ETA, barring any unforeseen problems: Summer 2015).

When book #3 is available I will also release this as a boxed set.

If you love vampires, if you love alpha males, if you love smut and don’t mind a little blood you might love this book.

I’d very much appreciate it if you’d consider leaving a review or rating, even a short one, (it’s how indie authors like me get word out!) after you’re done.

This book was written by and edited by me. Being a new indie author I haven’t yet invested in finding the right professional editing services. I’m very protective over my work, too, so finding an editor will take some effort on my part. I spot typos in books all the time, even traditionally published works. But I guess it’s easier to spot errors in someone else’s work than your own work so I hope I haven’t taken away from the ability to get lost in the story with too many errors.

When I published The Dominator I found errors after the fact, when I downloaded it to my Kindle app, and was mortified but at least most of my readers went easy on me ;0)

Thanks so much for downloading Nectar.

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Prologue I

Feelings were a luxury. They were something Kyla simply couldn’t afford. Feelings were for those who didn’t have to fight so hard to survive. They responsible for making you stop and feel sorry for yourself; they made you weak. They made it so that words, or a look, or lack of one or both could knock you down and render you helpless. She couldn’t afford to be helpless because she had to help herself. There was no one else. No one. Her adult life was about making sure she didn’t allow herself to be a victim. So survival, moving forward, and counting on no one for anything was what she did. Because when you counted on other people they either left you or they let you down. When the going got tough, she could handle it.

When the going made her want to feel… she got going.

Prologue II

Tristan stared out the window into the dark while he slowly rotated a crystal glass tumbler filled with whiskey against the table beside him. He was bored; two of his guys had gone for a run to bring him a snack. They did it as a way to celebrate but for Tristan it would just be something to dull the hunger, something to fill his time --- for a little while, anyway.

He wasn’t even anxious about them coming back. The hunger was always there and he had resigned himself to the fact that it just would be, unending hunger gnawing at him. That constant need had been there for a decade already and yet he never could seem to get his fill --- and he’d tried.