My Salvation(Salvation Series, Book 1)

By: Michelle Dare

(Salvation Series, Book 1)

~ 1 ~

“I quit,” Cali said to her boss, Mark. She reached her breaking point this past week. Well educated and worked a shit job. For what? She busted her ass at work and the man barely knew she was in the office. It wasn’t one big thing, but a lot of little things that came together.

“I don’t understand, Caliana. I thought you were happy. You’re a good worker.”

Caliana. That name was normally reserved for family and close friends. Hearing him say it grated on her nerves and he knew it. After asking repeatedly to stop saying it, he still insisted on using it. What a dick, she thought.

“I was happy, but just now when you said I’m a good worker, that is the first compliment you’ve given me in six months. This isn’t working out.”

“Will anything I say or do change your mind? We can make some adjustments to your schedule or workload. I’ll meet you in the middle.”

“No, sorry. I’ve thought about quitting for some time now. Please take my badge and keys to the desk,” Cali said as she placed the items on Mark’s desk. “If human resources requires anything they have my number on file. The laptop, charger, and cell phone are on my desk.”

“This really is unexpected. I wish you would reconsider. You are part of our team. We would hate to lose you.” She hated his tone, very formal, but clipped. Like even he didn’t believe the words coming out.

Cali shook her head. “I’m sorry, but no. You have my cell number if you need any information regarding the projects I was working on. All but two are completed.”

Cali had thought about giving two weeks notice, but no one considered her feelings or what she wanted, why should she consider anyone else’s? Money wasn’t an issue.

Her aunt, Rhea, passed away leaving her belongings, including money, home and cabin by the lake to her. In reality, she didn’t have to work for years and would still be okay. But knew that she would work again. Having a degree would make finding work easier than if she didn’t have one.

Purse in hand, with a few personal belongings packed in it, she strolled out of Mark’s office and walked toward the front entrance of the building. She waved to the receptionist before stepping outside into the bright, warm sun. Freedom, she thought. No one to answer to. The first step in what she hoped was the right direction.

Grabbing the car keys, she unlocked the driver’s side door to her black four door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. She stepped up and slid into the warm, black seat. Driving home, she thought about what to do with this new found freedom.

Lounging at home sounded okay, but Cali wanted more of a break. Then something came to her. She would pack a bag and go to the cabin.

Cali pulled into the parking spot, grabbed her purse and found the key to unlock the front door. Her townhouse wasn’t much, but it was all she needed. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an updated kitchen, spacious living room and a small, but adequate yard.

She grabbed the cell phone out of her purse, before setting it down on the small table in the entryway. She checked the calendar and noticed the cabin was free for the remainder of the season. It was always rented out for the spring and summer months. At the end of the season, she would drive and close it for the fall and winter.

She walked to the bedroom and stepped inside the walk-in closet. Looking around, she tried to decide what to pack. Cali packed enough for three or four days, knowing she could do laundry at the cabin. Grabbing t-shirts, tanks, shorts and capris, she packed them into the suitcase. She opened the top drawer to her dresser and pulled out two bikinis, one a pale blue, the other a dark red.

After packing the rest of the essentials, she stopped to glance in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door. Cali had brown eyes and long, brown hair that had natural curl. It normally looked like waves by the end of the day from the weight. She was slender, but shapely. At five foot four inches, height didn’t help with the shapely part.

She threw on a white V-neck tee, a pair of khaki shorts, and comfortable flip flops and was ready to go. Cali picked up the laptop bag and threw the Kindle inside, along with all of the chargers. Even though there was a laptop for work, she always kept a personal one at home. She had to maintain the billing, etc. for the cabin. After locking the front door, everything was loaded into her Jeep.