My Royal Temptation(68)

By: Riley Pine

“You said you were running out to grab your drink. You’ve been gone for at least five minutes, X.”

I check my watch. “Seven, darling.”

She writhes against the satin sheet and bites her lip. “Well, I’m counting the minutes until you fuck me.”

I tap my breast pocket and make sure the flash drive is stored securely. Then I tear off the jacket.

“Spread your legs and count down from three,” I command, and she writhes again.

I unbutton my shirt.

“Three,” she moans.

I lose the pants.


I press my knees into the edge of the bed and run a hand up her thigh, my thumb teasing her folds where I left her drenched with anticipation.

“One,” she whimpers.

Time’s up.