Murder by Perfection

By: Lauren Carr

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Tristan Faraday: Jessica’s younger brother. Nigel’s creator and administrator. He’s an intellectual and proud of it. Works on contract for the Phantoms.

Jessica Faraday: Murphy Thornton’s wife. Medical student studying forensics psychiatry at the University of Georgetown. Granddaughter of the late Robin Spencer. Daughter of Mac Faraday of the Mac Faraday Mysteries.

Robin Spencer: Jessica Faraday’s late birth grandmother and world-famous mystery author. Jessica never met her, but received millions of dollars in inheritance from her, as did her brother Tristan, which thrust her into high society.

Mac Faraday: Retired homicide detective. On the day his divorce became final, he inherited $270 million and an estate on Deep Creek Lake from his birth mother, Robin Spencer.

Gnarly: Mac Faraday’s German shepherd, another part of his inheritance from Robin Spencer. Mayor of Spencer, Maryland.

Special Agent Boris Hamilton: Deputy Chief of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, where Murphy serves as military liaison between the civilian staff and the military.

Special Agent Susan Archer: Agent with Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Special Agent Perry Latimore: Agent with Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Susan Archer’s partner.

Murphy Thornton: Jessica Faraday’s husband. Lieutenant in the United States Navy. Naval academy graduate. Murphy is not your average navy officer. Hand-picked by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to serve as a member of their elite team of Phantoms. Son of Joshua Thornton from the Lovers in Crime Mystery series.

Nigel: The Faraday-Thornton home’s state-of-the-art virtual butler. He’s also so much more than a butler.

Commander Ross Caldwell: Doctor with the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps. Had served as chief of the medical staff at the naval academy in Annapolis. An unidentified source informs him about something fishy going on at a private clinic.

Carol: Jessica’s friend. Hosts their study group at her brownstone in Georgetown.

Brett Wagner: Medical student.Wants to be more than a friend to Jessica.

Selena Parker: Rents a room in Carol’s brownstone. She’s gotten close to Brett and wants to be closer.

Spencer: Jessica Faraday’s Shetland sheepdog. With her blue eyes and long bluish fur, she is a blue merle. She has a long way to go in training.

Newman: Murphy’s Bassett hound-mix dog. A forty-five pound couch potato, Newman won’t bite—unless you try to change the channel on his television.

Reginal Baldwin: Missing investigator with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Was supposed to meet Ross Caldwell at Starbucks.

Erin Caldwell: Commander Ross Caldwell’s widow.

Kendall Harris: Ross and Erin Caldwell’s youngest daughter. Married to Woody Harris.

Woody Harris: Kendall’s roci musician husband. He doesn’t work because he’s an artist. His wife calls him her mistake.

Daniel Caldwell: Ross Caldwell’s brother. Executor of the estate. Wants Murphy to leak inside information about his brother’s murder investigation to him.

Joshua Thornton: Murphy’s father. Prosecuting Attorney. Captain in the United States Navy (retired). Father of six. Married to Cameron Gates, Pennsylvania state police homicide detective.

Natalie Stepford: Caterer and owner of Natalie Stepford’s Kitchen Studio. Teaches couple’s cooking class. Not only does she cook, but she’s hot in more ways than one.

Calvin Stepford: Natalie’s husband. Wealthy lawyer. He’s bought her everything she’s ever needed or wanted—including a new body.

Meaghan Garland: Financial Manager. Married to Dr. Stan Garland. She’s his business partner at the Garland Surgery and Laser Clinic.

Stan Garland: Noted plastic surgeon. Owns Garland Surgery and Laser Clinic. Plastic surgeon to Washington’s beautiful people.

Andy: He and his new bride are students in Natalie Stepford’s couple’s cooking class.

Peg: She and her new husband are students in Natalie Stepford’s couple’s cooking class.

Izzy: Joshua Thornton’s fourteen year old daughter. She takes riding lessons at J.J.’s farm from his horse trainer Poppy.

Joshua Thornton Jr. (J.J.): Murphy Thornton’s identical twin brother. Criminal lawyer. Owns Russell Ridge Farm and Orchard. The farm also raises prized quarter horses, trained by Poppy Ashburn.