More Than Meets the Eye(114)

By: Karen Witemeyer

“A man’s plans don’t always work out the way he expects.” Logan’s smile instantly reminded her of all they had gone through to get to where they were today. “Sometimes God throws a fork in the road at just the right time.”

She grinned at her husband. “I just hope that stubborn brother of mine will be smart enough to see the road sign and follow it. He can be a mite set in his ways.”

Logan caressed the outside of her knee with his thumb, and Evangeline’s pulse stuttered. “If the Lord sends your brother a road sign even half as spectacular as the one he sent me, Zach will see it.”

Evangeline’s stomach fluttered in pleasure. Such a glorious compliment deserved a reward. She stretched upward and kissed her husband straight on the mouth.

She intended the contact to be brief, but Logan took charge, dropping the reins and wrapping his arms around her. He drew her close and kissed her so deeply, she completely forgot where they were or what they were doing.

Until the wagon lurched to one side as the horses wandered off the road.

Logan released her and took up the reins, a chuckle rumbling in his throat. “You, Mrs. Fowler, just earned yourself a bumpy ride home.” That roguish gleam danced in his eyes again as he snapped the traces and set the team off at a gallop.

Evangeline squealed as she grabbed the side rail with one hand and her bonnet with the other.

Her husband would always be a man of surprises, and who was she to complain? She rather liked him that way. She laughed into the wind as they raced by the trees, suddenly as eager as he was to discover where their next adventure would lead.