Melissa's Acceptance

By: Becca Van

Sugar Creek 2: Melissa’s Acceptance

Melissa Wise, a twenty-two-year-old, slender, multicolor-haired virgin, takes a drive for some much needed rest and relaxation after she breaks up with her now ex-boyfriend. She ends up at a little place called the Shifter Inn outside of Sugar Creek, Ohio. She is about to leave through the inn door when she is inadvertently knocked flat on her back, cracking her head on the floor and knocking her unconscious as two men barge in through the entrance.

Damian and Luke Aerth are very worried when they realize they have just hurt their mate. They call a doctor to check her over and when the all clear is given they take her back to their cabin, which is on pack land, to take care of her.

The two men convince Melissa to become intimate with them, but she runs and hides after becoming embarrassed. Will the two men be able to convince Melissa she means more to them than just sex? Or will she walk away from them feeling as if she's been used by yet another male?


Melissa Wise arrived on her sister Sara’s doorstep ten minutes after her final date with Wesley Sands had come to its horrid end, and when she saw her sister she couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

“What’s wrong, Mel? Why are you crying?” Sara frowned with concern.

“I am never going on a date again,” Melissa announced before she burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Sara pulled Melissa into the entry foyer of her small apartment, shutting the door behind them. Melissa was glad for Sara’s quick actions, since she didn’t want any of her sister’s nosy neighbors coming outside to see what was going on. She clung to Sara for a moment, safe in the knowledge that her sister loved and cared for her as much as Melissa did for her. Finally she was able to stop crying and let Sara go.

“Okay, let’s take this into the kitchen. I’ll put the kettle on and you can tell me what’s happened.” Sara took hold of Melissa’s hand, led her into her small kitchen and made their drinks. She placed two mugs of coffee on the table and took a seat next to Melissa.

“Tell me what’s been going on, Mel.”

“I told you I was going on another date with Wesley tonight.”

“Yes, you did. So what happened?”

“Well, he drove me back to my apartment. I asked him if he would like to come in for a drink. We were sitting on the sofa talking, then he started kissing me, which was fine. I was an eager participant until things started getting out of hand, and we were doing some heavy petting.” Melissa took a shuddering breath and tears began to trickle down her cheeks again. “We were both so hot for each other. Oh God. I can’t do this. It’s too embarrassing.”

“Mel, come on honey, you’re my little sister. You can tell me anything. It can’t be that bad.”

“You have no idea. I am never going out with another man, again. I can’t have sex with anyone ever. I was so embarrassed and ashamed and he made me feel dirty, Sara. The one and only time I had ever gone this far in my life with a man intimately and he humiliated me.”

“Tell me what happened, sis. I might be able to help you.”

“No, I can’t. It’s too embarrassing.”

“I’ll bet it had nothing to do with what you did and was probably his fault, honey. I mean, he has to be a weasel or something with a name like Wesley. He’s probably still living with Mommy and never had a date with a female in his life.” Sara snickered.

“Well actually, he does still live at home with his parents.”

“See, there you go. I’ll bet he’s a nerd, too. You’re better off without someone like that. There is a man out there somewhere for you. Don’t let your first experience put you off from the entire male race. Just be patient and when you least expect it, some man is going to come along and sweep you off your feet.”

Melissa got up from her chair and gave her sister a big hug. “What would I do without you, Sara? You are the best sister I’ve ever had.”

“I’m the only sister you’ve ever had.” Sara snorted. “You know if you ever want to talk about whatever the problem is, I’m here for you, Mel.”

“I know. Thanks Sara, you are the best. I think I’m going to go for a drive. I just don’t want to go back to my apartment right now. I’ve heard of a little inn about an hour’s drive from here, near Sugar Creek. I think I’ll head out there just to check it out. I need to clear my mind before I’ll be able to sleep.”