Mated Dragon's Fury

By: Marcy Jacks

Chapter One

Rey Larson, dragon of the Fury clan, second-in-command, and all around badass motherfucker, just wanted a minute of peace and quiet to himself.

Which he never told his friends about because that would sort of ruin the whole alpha vibe he liked to give off.

Big, bad alphas didn’t exactly go off for their moment of Zen

But he did, under the guise that he’d wanted to stretch his wings and hunt, which was partly true anyway, so it wasn’t as though he’d actually lied to anyone about anything.

It was a nice night out, and since Silver, the commander of the Fury clan, had recently found his mate in Erin, a short and spunky little omega, Rey found he needed more time to be away from those two.

They constantly and consistently always seemed to smell as though they’d been fucking five minutes before appearing in a room.

There was only so much Rey could do about that before he had to leave.

Silver was Rey’s best friend, and Rey liked Erin, despite the omega being a touch more trouble than he was worth, what with the Dog Catchers constantly sniffing around the territory.

It wasn’t just that. Silver had seemed to forget, in his newly mated bliss, that a mating heat could impact the rest of the clan.

Even Lightning had to vacate a room, and that guy was stoic as fuck.

Whatever. Fresh air against his scales, beneath his wings, and across his snout was amazingly good.

He could fall asleep up here, just gliding along.

That would be amazing if it were possible.

A new scent, however, caught him off guard, something that wafted up from below him.

He snapped his attention downward, focusing his vision as though he were a hawk looking for a rabbit.

Something was down there. Something interesting was down there.

Blood smell. That could be the only thing so sharp as to reach him from all the way up here.

Not in the sense that it was something he wanted to eat, however. This was something different. Something he couldn’t exactly place.

It bothered him. Like an itch on the one spot on his back that couldn’t be reached, this made his heart race and his brain scramble to come up with a possible solution for what it could be.

And he still got nothing.

What the hell?

Rey angled his wings and circled back around when he realized the scent was becoming too faint for him. He wasn’t able to hold on to it well enough with the distance he put between himself and…

Whatever it was down there.

God. His blood raced fast and hot. It was so damned strange, but good in a way. Why would this be good?

Ray needed to see it.

Angling his body and finding a good spot, he came in for a landing.

It was tricky. Especially around here. There were streams everywhere that came down from the mountain and fed into the river.

Not that he worried about getting his precious scales wet, but the rocks had a habit of being sharp.

And now he could really smell it.

Whatever it was.

It was here. It was here, and he needed to see it. He needed to see it and smell it up close, whatever this interesting thing happened to be.

Another dragon? No, not a dragon. This didn’t have the smell of a dragon. Rey turned his attention this way and that, searching out with his eyes, so excited that he was forgetting to do it with his nose and ears, the little holes against the side of his dragon head. He would have shifted back into a human, but Rey was fairly certain he was going to need his sharper senses.

He moved, searching, always searching.

The scent began to come off as something more…dirty. At first Rey assumed he’d moved in the wrong direction, but no. That wasn’t right either. This was something else.

Sweat and body odor mingled in with the blood. Something else, as well. A chemical. Something sharp. Something that made Rey feel…not weak, not exactly, but not so close to his inner dragon. The scent was so heavy he was forced to shift out of his dragon form before he could lose all focus.

When in his human shape, Rey brought his hands to the side of his head. He blinked a couple of times, chasing away the dizziness.

What the fucking hell was that?

“Jesus Christ.”

He sniffed hard, shaking his head, but the feeling persisted.

Then he knew what it was.

The chemical the Dog Catchers used on the alpha wolves, foxes, and coyotes they’d captured. The ones that had gone insane with that brain disease a couple of years back.