Masquerade (The Angel Pack #13)(81)

By: Maggie Walsh

Small mounds of white, gray, and black snow were scattered along the roadside, hinting that snow had fallen not too long ago in the region, but not for quite a while. No sounds could be heard except for the light patter of four feet as they walked down the center of the road.

Two lithe forms moved gracefully in perfect sync side by side―feet advancing, long, slender legs eating up the miles, hips swaying sensually, and their arms interlaced. One wore a pair of tight purple jeans, knee-high white furry boots, and a white furry coat, with the hood pulled up over their head. The other wore tight black jeans and black combat boots, along with a long brown suede jacket that ended just below their ass, and a dark gray knit hat on top of their head, with just a hint of jet-black and blue strands of hair peeking out the edges.

A white sign came into view, and the pair didn’t stop until they reached it. “Welcome to Sanctuary, Pa. Population 10,792,” it read.

“This is the place,” the soft voice announced happily.

“Are you sure he’s here, Shay?” the other voice asked anxiously.

“Oh, he’s here all right. Come on, Kai. Let’s not keep the man waiting any longer,” Shay answered and tightened his hold on Kai’s arm, leading him away from the sign.