Masquerade (The Angel Pack #13)(6)

By: Maggie Walsh

“I agree with you. I thought for sure that when I told them about the attacks on the pride and us having to flee, they would have come back immediately.”

“Yeah, me, too, considering their golden boy may have been harmed,” Aaron grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at his lap.

Storm stood and went to where Aaron sat. He took the seat next to him, then laid a hand on Aaron’s knee. “I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m sorry that I didn’t see what was going on growing up and I let everyone else cloud my judgment and my opinions. Especially about you. But I was hoping we got past all of that and were in a good place now. I don’t want them coming here to take away what we have. I don’t want them to hurt you anymore, and I promise you I won’t let them. Especially not in my presence,” Storm promised.

Aaron raised his head and met Storm’s gaze. Sighing, he dropped his arms and placed a hand over Storm’s. “I don’t want them affecting our relationship again either, Storm, but you have no control over their actions.”

“You’re right, I don’t. But I do have control over mine, and I won’t let them bully us around anymore. I won’t tolerate them hurting you, or your mates.”

Aaron gave Storm a sad smile and squeezed his hand. “Thank you, big brother.”

“It’s about time I started being a real big brother to you. I’ve let you down enough through our lives, and I won’t do it again. I promise you, Aaron.”

* * * *

“Micah, do you have a few minutes?” Jesse asked as he strolled into Micah’s office.

“Always for you, baby. You know that.” Micah sat back in his chair behind his desk and opened his arms. Jesse immediately walked around the desk and sat on his lap, cuddling into his arms. Jesse leaned in and kissed Micah’s lips softly, then pulled back. “What can I do for you, baby?”

“It’s Liam and Xavier.”

Micah sighed heavily and ran a hand down his face. “What is it now? Has Xavier crazy glued his bedroom door shut so Liam can’t come out?” Micah asked with a small chuckle.

“No, but this can’t keep going on. This bullshit with Xavier ignoring him or grumbling at Liam has got to stop. Liam has just started his life in this world, and every day he has to deal with this crap from his mate. Do you know that Liam told me that Xavier was very friendly with him and even flirted a few times before he found out that he wasn’t a fae warrior and just visiting Xavier in astral projection? This hostility only started when Xavier found out Liam was the changed Nephilim.”

“I know. Xavier completely shut down when he found out who Liam was,” Micah replied.

“I actually understand why he did that, in the beginning, but Liam has been nothing but nice and accommodating to everyone since. I mean, you even gave him a position as a trainer at the facility, and I know you would never have done that had you not believed in him or trusted him. I like Liam, and I’m getting sick of watching him getting treated so poorly. We need to do something.”

“I know, but this time I don’t think locking them in a room or a cave is going to work. Xavier is too damn stubborn, and Liam can just leave whenever he wants. Although trapping them in the cave like we did with your dads would keep him in.” Micah chuckled.

“We need to figure out something else. It really kills me because I know Xavier wants him. I can see it whenever he looks at Liam when he thinks no one is watching.”

“I think everyone has seen it except for the two of them.” Micah raised a hand from Jesse’s hip and brushed a lock of hair from his face.

Just then a frantic knock came from the door. “Come,” Micah said into the intercom as he pressed the button. The door burst open, and a naked Xavier ran in. Micah growled and stood quickly with Jesse in his arms and turned them so Jesse couldn’t see Xavier. “What the hell, Xavier?”

“I’m sorry, Alpha, Alpha Mate. I didn’t know Jesse was in here,” Xavier answered.

“Why are you running around naked?” Micah asked as he released Jesse and moved toward the closet.

“I was out on patrol. I came across something very disturbing and raced back here to talk to you. I probably should have used the pack link, but I didn’t think. All I knew was I needed to get back here as fast as possible.”