Masquerade (The Angel Pack #13)(10)

By: Maggie Walsh

“Don’t worry, Prime. I was thinking that Lord Lucifer could destroy me after I return the souls that belong there. This way I wouldn’t be able to be used as one of Minos or Hades’s pawns again, and I wouldn’t come back to hurt any of you.”

Micah took a step closer and placed a hand on Liam’s shoulder. “That’s not what I meant, Liam. I have no doubt that you would never come back to harm us. But you have been given a second chance. You have been reborn, and finally have a chance at a life. Lucifer, Phenex, and the Legion can move the mounds. You don’t have to do this. But thank you.”

“I know they can, and I would need the help of the Legion, but I feel like I need to do this, Prime. To repay you for all the harm I have caused and to thank you for trusting in me. For welcoming me into your home and around your family. Once the Legion take these souls into the Bitter Mountains or Tartarus, they would be trapped there. Even Lord Lucifer’s protection spell would wear off before they could escape. That would be a big loss to all kinds. But if I were trapped in either, the loss wouldn’t matter.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Liam,” Jesse said as he stepped closer. “The loss would matter to us. We would feel your loss. More of us than are willing to admit.” Jesse’s gaze flicked quickly to Xavier and back.

Liam gave him a sad smile. “Thank you, Heart, but I have given up all hope for that. And at least this way, I can feel like I have repaid some of your kindness.”

“None of this―as entertaining as it is, and it really pulls on my heartstrings―but none of this is necessary,” Lucifer stated. “I can get you into the Underworld, with my mate’s help. Demi can change your blood. He can take away your angel connection, thus allowing you entrance into the Underworld without having to change back into one of those mindless sheep.”

“But then would he still be fae or something else?” Jesse questioned.

“He would no longer be fae,” Lucifer replied.

“Then what would he be now? A human?” Lexi asked.

“Most likely.”

“That means I would be giving up all of my powers as I walk into the pits of hell for eternity?” Liam asked calmly.

“Yes,” Lucifer said sadly.

“No. We can’t do that. There must be another way. Why not have the Legion take all these souls to the Desolate Road or those catacombs to hide them from Minos and Hades?” Jesse asked.

“That’s what I was originally thinking to do, Jesse, but what Liam said about Hades finding them and using them for his needs again is very real. Even in the Desolate Road, he could find them. And Minos knows those catacombs,” Lucifer explained.

“Then we need another plan because all of these suck,” Jesse huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Can you get them out of here for now so the humans don’t find them, so that we have more time to come up with another plan?” Micah asked.

“Yes, the Legion and I can place them in my private chamber for a time. It would take even Minos and Hades a long time to figure out they were there and to try to get them out,” Lucifer answered.

“Good. So, can we do that for now?” Jesse asked hopefully.

“You heard the man, Phen. Let’s call the Legion. I think half would suffice,” Lucifer ordered.

“As you wish, Lord Lucifer,” Phenex answered and closed his eyes.

“Why don’t the rest of you head back to the pack house and get started, and we’ll meet you there when we are done. Phen and I will also keep an eye out for any humans that may stumble upon one of these.” Lucifer motioned to the pile of bodies.

“Thank you, Lucifer. Okay everyone, let’s head home. Liam, please join us. I’ll call over to Raith at the facility and have him cover you for the rest of the day,” Micah stated.

* * * *

“Aaron, I got your text. What is it? And why didn’t you use the mate link?” Rory asked as he walked into Aaron’s lab. He walked right to his mate and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“Because I didn’t want to accidentally send my thoughts out to Raith, too,” Aaron answered as he pulled Rory closer and held him tight.