Making the Play

By: Megan Slayer

Book two in the Out of Bounds series

Sometimes switching things up really does mean getting the guy.

Allan Clark thought his life as a wide receiver for the Wildcats was over the moment he was told he’d be the new punt returner. He’d thought he didn’t want to be a special teams player. He’d rather have the limelight. But once he starts returning punts, he realizes this was where he should’ve been all along. Speaking of perks, he now gets to spend time with the sexy kicker, Tyler Leigh. Maybe this switch is the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Unlike Allan, Tyler isn’t planning on going into the draft or playing football for the rest of his life. He’s got other plans, though a side trip in the sheets with Allan isn’t off his radar. He’s wanted Allan since he joined the team. But Tyler’s got baggage and an overzealous ex-boyfriend hell-bent on making his life miserable. With Allan, he sees a bright spot.

Will these two seeming opposites leave their desires on the field, or will they find common ground together and score?


For Flash and her love of football pictures.

For all fans because football is like breathing—it’s in my soul.

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Chapter One

Time to make a move. Allan Clark wandered into the locker room and made his way to one of the benches. He barely noticed his locker but moved on instinct as he sat. He’d been switched. His regular role on the Wildcats team wasn’t in the wide receiver position but as a punt returner. He still couldn’t wrap his brain around the new information. He remembered the coach talking to him and watching his teammate, Glen Bilson, being carted off the field with a broken leg, but the gravity of his new position hadn’t quite made sense in Allan’s head yet. It was only the second week of September. He hadn’t planned on Glen getting hurt, much less switching to special teams.

Truth be told, he liked the change of pace and loved the challenge of punt returning. The new field position rested on his shoulders. He had to think fast and move even faster to dodge the opposing team. He stared at the helmet in his hands. From now on, he’d be part of the special teams squad. His returning two punts for a combined seventy-eight yards might have had something to do with the change.

Part of him wanted to be pissed off about switching positions. He’d always dreamed of being a boss wide receiver. Ever since he’d started playing football, he’d known he belonged on the field with the ball in his hands. He’d never thought about trying a special teams spot. Would he get as much notice with the reduced playing time? He could play some offense, but he’d be primarily used as a returner. Would that screw over his chances to be seen by the scouts for the professional teams? As much as he loved his college and playing at the collegiate level, his dream had been to play pro ball.

“Allan?” Coach Turner strode up to him. “You’ve got interviews. Don’t dick around.” He slapped Allan on the shoulder. “Seems the network wants to talk to you about that sweet forty-yard run.”

Allan blinked and dragged a long breath into his lungs. The network wanted to talk to him? Great. He stood and rolled his shoulders. He hadn’t had time to change out of his pads, but whatever. If he was going to talk to the media, he wanted them to see a player right off the field.

Two reporters and a cameraman crossed the locker room to where Allan waited. One shoved a microphone into his face and the other held a voice recorder. The reporters, both men, alternated in asking him questions.

Allan did his best to give solid answers. Hell, he wasn’t sure what the scouts looked at for off-field performance, but he didn’t want to give them much negativity if he could help it. As he talked to the reporters, he noticed his teammates around him. Some spoke with other members of the media, and a few changed. A lone figure wound through the knots of people and stopped at one of the smaller lockers. The player removed his helmet and opened the locker.

Unlike the guys around Allan, this man didn’t grab the attention of the reporters. Allan continued to chat with the news people, but he wished he could be more like his teammate. Whereas Allan needed to get as much experience in all aspects of the game if he wanted to go pro, Tyler Leigh didn’t. He’d seen Tyler around campus but hadn’t given him much thought.