Lost in Paradise

By: JA Low


A Hot Billionaire Romance


Please note this book is extremely hot.

If you do not like lots of sex and sex with other people then do not pass go.

There may be triggers for some.



“I can’t believe you guys are here,” my sister, Camryn, squeals as she wraps her arms around Olivia and me as we step off the luxury boat that brought us over to the island. I stare in awe at the island paradise spread out before me. Palm trees sway in the tropical breeze, where a turquoise sea merges with the blue of the horizon. Pure white sandy beaches stretch out for miles.

I’ve had my reservations about going to a ‘sex resort’ not because I’m against it; if they are two consenting adults, more power to them. But because I’m a natural introvert and coming to a place like this, which is made for sexual extroverts, it’s a little overwhelming. I’m waiting for naked people to jump out of the bushes and scare me or something.

Gosh, I’m such a prude.

I don’t want to be a prude.

I want to be as sexually liberated as my sister. Even Olivia, my best friend, has had some fun at the Monaco location of The Paradise Club with rock star, Axel Taylor, from Dirty Texas doing all kinds of crazy things that were expanding her sexual horizons. I feel left behind while everyone else is breaking out of their shells, and I’m still stuck in the one I’ve cocooned myself in, making it virtually impossible to break out of. But you know why, Ivy. I shake those old thoughts from my mind.

I only have myself to blame, spending every waking moment building my interior design business into the empire that it’s become. Maybe now that I’ve ‘made it’ as such, I should get back out there into the world of the living and experience everything life has to offer outside of my glass office.

“This place truly looks like paradise to me,” I tell my sister.

“Wait till you get further in ... it’s a dirty paradise.” Camryn grins.

“Thanks, River.” My sister gives the handsome concierge a salute as he places our luggage in the golf buggy.

Is everyone on this island a supermodel? I suppose they must be. This is an adult’s fantasy playground, and no one wants mediocrity, I guess.

“He’s cute,” I say to my sister.

“He’s available to play.” Camryn gives me a knowing smirk as she wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“Really?” I turn to get a second look at him, wondering if I could sleep with a perfect stranger. Stop with the hang-ups, Ivy, I internally curse myself. You promised yourself that you would explore everything The Paradise Club has to offer. No judgment. Just fun. Relaxing and … hot sex? I can’t even remember the last time I had an orgasm. It’s been two years since I’ve seen any action, and the last time wasn’t even good. That’s sad. No wonder I’m wound up tight like a spring. Maybe that’s all it is? I need an orgasm, a mind-blowing orgasm, one that will relieve all the tension I’m holding, and then I can go back to the fun-loving Ivy I was all those years ago and start enjoying life again.

“You can tell by the colored bracelets they wear. Yours are waiting at your bungalow for you,” Camryn points out.

I remember Olivia explaining how the bracelets work. They let people know what you’re into before approaching you. Things like if you are seeking a guy or a girl or a couple, public or private playtime, etc. Now looking at them in real life, it’s a little confronting seeing someone’s sexual preferences clearly on display.

Stop being judgy, Ivy.

It’s good, though, that no one can misconstrue anything because everyone is aware of what the other person’s needs are.

“Thanks for inviting us. As much as I love my parents, being stuck on an island with them for too much longer would have had me jumping ship,” Olivia groans.

“Thanks for coming. I know things are tough for you at the moment,” my sister states.

That’s the understatement of the year. My best friend, Lady Olivia Pearce, oversees all her family’s aristocratic estates. They own castles and lots of them.

Her family is demanding that she marries her father’s best friend’s son to secure her family’s future. I think she’s stupid for wanting to go ahead with this crazy idea, but Olivia has such deep loyalty to her horrible family that she thinks it’s the only way to save her family’s legacy by marrying Eddie, who is a complete and utter idiot, as well as a well-known womanizer. She is prepared to tie herself to this buffoon for the rest of her life, to live unhappily with a man who sleeps with every available woman in London and who is never going to love or treat her right, and all for the sake of duty.