Lie Close To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 5)(9)

By: Cynthia Eden

And he was way too sexy.

She didn’t trust him, not for a moment, and there was no way she’d let that man get close to her again.

No way in hell.


“Sonofabitch,” Maddox Kane muttered as he watched the motorcycle race away.

She’d tricked him. Kissed him, turned him the fuck on, and then fled the instant he’d turned his back. Of course, turning his back had been an amateur move. Especially with a woman like Luna. But he’d had to step away—

Or he would have been lost.

The motorcycle turned, hitting the main road and leaving the abandoned hospital behind. He could have stopped her. He was that fast. He could have launched his body at the motorcycle and tackled her.

If he’d done that, though, Luna would have been hurt. He didn’t want her hurt. That had never been his goal.

Maddox pulled out his phone. Swiped his finger over the screen and placed his call. “Found her,” he announced. “But she’s running. Heading for town. If you see her before I get there, don’t move in, do you understand? Keep a visual on her. Make sure that no one hurts her.”

Laughter was his answer. “Shouldn’t I be worried she’ll hurt the humans?”

He didn’t answer. Maddox shoved his phone back into his pocket. He started walking fast, and then…running. He wouldn’t get winded, wouldn’t get tired. But he would get to the small town that waited up ahead. Bitter, Colorado. A place that the ski lovers never bothered to visit. Too quiet. Too far off the beaten path. So far off that the town’s only hospital had closed long ago.

Who the hell brought Luna to this place? He’d find out. It was just a matter of time.

Soon, he’d have Luna. And when he did, he’d make sure she never escaped again. Even if he had to damn well handcuff her to his side.

Chapter Two

She stopped at the gas station, mostly because the motorcycle was about to run out of gas. The gas station sat on the edge of a small town, a sleepy little place that had just appeared, seemingly from nowhere. She braked the bike near a pump and then realized…

No money.

Her hands shoved into the coat pockets that Luna still wore. His coat. And then she almost sobbed in relief because her fingers came out grasping a wad of cash. She hurried toward the little service store, shoving open the front door. A bell jingled above her head, and an elderly man behind the counter turned toward her with a smile.

The smile froze on his face. “Miss, are you okay?”

She was barefoot, her hair had to be sticking out like she’d just been in a wind tunnel, and she was wearing a hospital gown. Oh, crap. Luna stumbled forward. She dropped the cash on the counter. “Gas.” Her voice was too sharp. “And…clothes?” The last was more of a desperate question.

His brown eyes were wide as he looked at the money, then her. “Got some t-shirts and jogging pants in the back over there. No shoes, though. Sorry.”

A shirt and jogging pants would help enormously. She headed toward the items he’d indicated.

The guy cleared his throat. “Miss, do you need help?”

She could use some help, yes. Luna paused. Nibbling on her lower lip, she considered things. “The cops.” A person went to the cops for help, right? Luna glanced over her shoulder and caught the man’s gaze. “I-I think I need you to contact the cops.”

“Yeah.” He gave a quick nod. “That might be a good idea.”

Without waiting to see if he made the call, Luna scurried toward the t-shirts. She found one that seemed roughly the right size—it had a picture of a mountain range across the front. She snagged the smallest jogging pants she could find and rushed into the bathroom with her prizes. The store manager called out to her, but she didn’t stop. She slammed the bathroom door shut and sucked in some desperate, ragged gulps of air.

The bathroom was small, more like a closet than anything else, and a big mirror hung right over the sink. She turned her head, gazing into the mirror, feeling absolutely like she was looking at a stranger.

The woman before her had wild, dark brown hair. Definitely hair that was sticking up in every direction. She tried to smooth it down, but her efforts didn’t help much. Her hair was a heavy, tangled mass that tumbled over her shoulders. Shadows lined her eyes—dark eyes. A rich brown color that didn’t seem familiar at all to her.