Lie Close To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 5)(8)

By: Cynthia Eden

Luna glanced back at the building. Dead vines slid up the sides of the hospital. It looked like an old, forgotten grave. Sagging into the ground, falling back into the woods. And the woods were everywhere—thick trees surrounded the place. She didn’t see any other nearby buildings. Maddox led her down an overgrown path, and she found herself in the remains of a broken parking lot. A gleaming motorcycle—a big, beast of a bike—waited there.

She shivered.

He pulled her closer. “Should have brought the SUV,” he muttered. “But I thought this place was another dead end so I scouted out with the bike.”

His body felt like a furnace to her.


She looked up at him. His eyes were bright again. So focused on her. And once more, she thought…You scare me.

But there was something else happening, too. An awareness was sliding beneath her skin. When he looked at her that way, when he held her so close…


A desire as dangerous as the fear she felt for him.

“First order of business is getting the hell out of here.” He lifted her up, moving as if she weighed nothing, and he put her on the motorcycle’s seat. Her bare legs sprawled on either side of the beast, and another shiver slid over her because the paper gown had seriously hiked up again.

His gaze locked on her legs. Lingered.

Uh, oh.

His face hardened. Sharpened. He licked his lips.

Then his gaze slid to her face.

He wants me.

Could she use that? Maybe. It was the only weapon she had. So…Luna lifted her hand. Put her palm on his chest, right over his heart. It was racing so fast and hard beneath her touch. And as her hand lingered against him, the beat became even faster. “Are we lovers?” Luna asked.

His pupils widened, the darkness swallowing the green of his gaze.

Before he could answer, she pushed, voice husky, “Do you want to be my lover?”

He moved even closer to her. She was still straddling the bike, and he was pretty much dominating her with his massive size.

She caught his hand, brought it to her thigh. His hold immediately tightened.


“Will you kiss me?”

His stare was on her mouth. “What in the hell is happening? This isn’t you.”

It wasn’t? She had no clue. But a desperate woman had to use whatever weapons she had. “Maybe I can remember, if you kiss me.” She eased out a quick breath. “I know you. I feel it inside.”

His hand was burning her thigh.

“Kiss me,” she said again because she needed him closer. Just a little closer.

He moved closer. Her hand slid over his chest. Down to his side.

“I couldn’t find you.” His words were a rough rasp. “You were gone.” Then his mouth crashed down on hers. He kissed her with a wild need. A frantic desire that caught her off guard—and one that stirred a matching need inside of her.

Desire erupted, stunning her with its force. Her nipples ached, tightening into peaks, and she leaned toward him, opening her mouth more, wanting his kiss, loving his taste, wanting so much—

Keys. You want the keys.

Her fingers closed around them. She’d slid her hand into the front right pocket of his jeans, and Luna snatched the keys out in a blink. But she was still kissing him when she should have been pulling away. When she should have been figuring out a way to distract him so she could haul ass away on that bike.

How do I want him so much? From one kiss?

She wasn’t cold any longer. She was absolutely burning hot.

“No!” He jerked back from her. Stared at her with a possessive lust. Then he spun on his heel. Stalked away. He seemed to want distance between them. “I just found you. I don’t know what in the hell is happening, but I won’t screw this up!”

She cranked the motorcycle. Revved the engine.

Maddox whirled back to her. “Luna?”

He was only a few feet away. The guy moved fast. But she moved fast, too. So did the bike. She shot that baby forward.


She didn’t stop. The wind bit into her face. Her hands clamped around the handle bars like talons, and she drove the motorcycle with a single-minded intensity.

Escape. She had to get away from Maddox Kane.

He terrified her. He was dangerous. He was scary strong.