Lie Close To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 5)(5)

By: Cynthia Eden

He blinked. His bright green gaze immediately became shuttered.

And a new, terrible thought occurred to her. “Did you…do this to me?”

He just stared at her.

He must have done this. No one else was there. Just the two of them. The guy was in the creepy hospital with her. So he had to be responsible for her insane situation. “Did you roofie me or something?”

I know what a roofie is, but I don’t know who I am! Maybe that was a side effect of whatever drug she’d been given? Maybe everything would come back to her the longer she stayed conscious?

“I didn’t roofie you.” His voice…there was something about his voice that she…liked. And how weird was that? The guy was scary, dangerous, and she should not find anything about him sexy. She was in the middle of a breakdown, and she shouldn’t be noticing that his voice was way too deep and rumbling.

“Why don’t I know my name?” She took another step back.

His shoulders tensed. His heart was beating so fast and hard and—

Luna gasped. “How can I hear your heart beating?” That wasn’t normal. She was sure it wasn’t normal.

“You have enhanced senses. You can hear far better than an average human. Just like you see better.” He exhaled on a long sigh and then—

Then he charged at her. Only he moved way, way too fast. Luna let out a quick scream, and she turned to run. But it was too late. She’d reacted too slowly. He grabbed her, his hard, too-big hands locking around her body, and they both crashed to the floor.

Except he turned his body, moving so that he cushioned her, and he took the brunt of the impact when they hit the tile.

“You’re faster, too,” he grunted, “normally. You’re not moving at top speed right now.” His eyes narrowed. “Why the hell not?”

Wait, he was asking her? And had he really just flown down that long corridor in barely a second’s time? Maybe two seconds, or three, max, but—

“How did you get here, Luna?” His hands were around her waist, trapping her there. Her legs were between his, and the hospital gown had definitely ridden up. She was pretty sure her ass was totally exposed.

She felt heat blast her cheeks. “Let me go.”

If anything, his hold tightened. “Why would I do that? I spent the last week tracking you.”

He had?

Her hands were pressed to his chest. The guy was huge and crazy fast, and he knew her. He’d been tracking her.

A shiver slid over her body.

“You’re cold. Fuck.”

In a blink, he had her on her feet once more. She started to run—seemed like a good plan—but he snagged her wrist. His fingers curled all the way around it, and Luna felt manacled to him as he bit off a single word, “Don’t.”

She stared up at him. She had to tip back her head to meet his gaze. He was way too big, and he scared the ever-loving hell out of her.

Then he shrugged out of his battered coat. He let her wrist go long enough for him to shove her arms into the coat’s sleeves. The coat absolutely swallowed her, but it was warm. She’d just realized that she was ice cold. Now the warmth from his coat—his warmth—was pressing against her. The coat smelled of him. A rich, masculine scent that she found oddly appealing.

She inhaled, savoring that scent a little, and then Luna looked up. His face had gone rock hard, and he stared at her with a fixed intensity.

“How did you get here, Luna? Who helped you get out of the Lazarus facility?”

Her lips parted, but she didn’t know what to say.

His gaze swept down her body. A furrow appeared between his brows. “No shoes. And is that just a paper gown? I mean, shit, we don’t react to the cold the way most people do, but it’s fifteen degrees outside. And this place has been shut down for years. The windows have more holes than glass in them. You’ve got to be shivering that sweet ass off.”

She was shivering, but it was mostly from fear. “You…know me.”

“Hell, yes, I know you.”

“I’m…Luna.” The more she said her name, the more—oddly—right it felt.

His stare hardened even more. “You don’t remember.”

No, she didn’t, so Luna shook her head.